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September 2018: Favorite Heroine
~ Anna Durand ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which heroine is your favorite and why?

Anna Durand said:
My favorite is Emery from Scandalous in a Kilt. I had already introduced the man who would become her love interest in previous books, since Rory is the brother of Lachlan and Aidan from books one and two. With Rory’s character set, I needed a strong woman for him, someone who would challenge him to overcome his fears and also intrigue him from the moment they meet. I love Emery’s fearlessness and honesty, even in the face of her new husband’s deep-seated anxiety about love.

Another thing I love is the contradictions that make her a fascinating and lovable character. Emery is a computer programmer and a proud geek who loves superhero movies. Yet she’s also a free spirit who has no qualms about showing off her body. A lot of the humor in the book stems from her wild side colliding with Rory’s uptight side. Though he keeps trying to push her away, she just won’t give up on him no matter what. Emery’s loyalty is unwavering.

One of things fans have told me they love about Emery is the way she knows what she needs and wants in life. I agree that’s another awesome trait and one of the many reasons Emery is my favorite heroine so far. Before she agrees to a marriage of convenience with Rory, she’s already secure in her vision of herself. Whether she can get what she needs from Rory, she doesn’t know. But she’s not the kind of woman who waits for a man to complete her. Emery goes after what she wants and makes her own happiness along the way. She forges friendships with everyone from Rory’s little sister to the taciturn gardener.

And oh yes, she does everything she can to tempt her husband away from all his strict rules. Rory’s got himself a handful! But maybe that’s just what he needs.


Scandalous in a Kilt by Anna Durand cover

Scandalous in a Kilt

[Erotic Contemporary Romance]

A free-spirited American. An uptight hot Scot. When passion ignites, no rules can survive the heat.

An office drudge by day, a free spirit by night… For Emery Granger, getting laid off from her job as a computer programmer liberated her from imprisonment in an office cubicle. The problem? She has no career and almost no money. Desperate to forget her quandary for one weekend, she takes off on a spontaneous trip to New Orleans — where the unconventional American collides with a sizzling-hot Scot.

Uptight lawyer by day, steamy seducer by night… After surviving three disastrous failed marriages, Rory MacTaggart has no desire to get entangled in another relationship. But with his two brothers now living in wedded bliss, he’s enduring the well-meaning pestering of his entire family. Rory’s solution? Get himself a trophy wife.

A one-night stand leads to a marriage of convenience, and a culture clash when Emery must adjust to a new life in Scotland and her new husband’s need for rules. When Rory’s ordered life explodes, the reluctant husband may just have met his match in the passionate, adventurous wife he swears he will never love.

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