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October 2018: Favorite Hero
~ Ren Benton ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which hero is your favorite and why?

Ren Benton said:
Silent Song’s resident rock star Lex Perry is my favorite hero to date. He’s a study in contrasts, the Snarling Marshmallow archetype, his publicist’s worst nightmare on social media one minute and crooning over baby pictures the next. He’s grouchy about his privacy in an industry that makes the world think he’s public property. He has resting dark-and-brooding face, but ignite any of his passions, and he becomes all bright fire and boyish enthusiasm. He’s arrogant, but modestly so by musical genius standards. He’s supremely sure of himself… except when his heart is involved, at which point he panics and calls his therapist for instructions.

Lex was deeply screwed up when he met the woman of his dreams, Gin Greene. He had a long history of drinking to blunt the intensity of his feelings, but he wanted to feel every moment with her. Although he suddenly had ample motivation to change, he lacked the tools to halt his downward spiral before he lost what mattered most to him.

Five years after hitting rock bottom, he’s sober, as healthy as he’s ever going to be, and back on top of his career. When Gin reaches out to him for help with her movie soundtrack, he’s ready to prove to her he’s a changed man—and he’s devastated every time he lapses into an old pattern she’ll recognize from their history. He has a hard time grasping that the only thing that ever made him difficult to love was the alcohol that was killing him. He wants to give Gin the perfection he thinks she deserves, but all she’s ever wanted from him is his heart, however flawed it may be.

He knows his addiction hurt everyone around him, and he accepts that not all of them will forgive him. He thinks Gin forgives far too easily. Before he can have a future with the woman he loves, he needs the forgiveness of his harshest critic—himself.


Silent Song by Ren Benton cover

Silent Song

[Contemporary Rock Star Romance]

Lex Perry had it all. Fame. Fortune. A once-in-ten-lifetimes love with a brilliant, beautiful, battle-scarred goddess. And an addiction that was done sharing his attention. He survived. His fall from grace never stopped fans from throwing money and panties at him. All he lost for his weakness was the heart Gin—the woman, not the booze—took with her when she left.

Gin Greene pushed the man she loved to the brink of death and abandoned him there. Now, she wants to exploit his extraordinary talent to boost her career. In his shoes, she’d tell herself to go to hell, but Lex charges to her rescue as if he’s been waiting for her to need him. As if there are no hard feelings. As if what she did to him can ever be forgiven.

The old walls between them crumble as their relentless attraction pulls them back together. But Lex isn’t the only man from Gin’s past who wants a second shot at her, and that unfinished business could destroy them both…

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