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October 2018: Favorite Hero
~ Megan Slayer ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which hero is your favorite and why?

Megan Slayer said:
I’ve written many stories and deciding which hero is my favorite is hard. I mean, really hard. I want to say I love them all, but are there a few that stand out? Yes, there are.

One of my favorites has to be Brandon, from Seeing You Again, His Valentine, and Sparkling New Year. He’s flawed. He’s an artist with depression issues and he’s not always understood. Another thing that’s a little different about him is initially, he doesn’t know how to deal with his depression. He mislabels it as just being moody. I like him because he’s relatable. There are a lot of people who suffer with depression and don’t always know that’s what the problem might be. There are some who think they’re just artsy and don’t understand there’s more going on. I liked that he was willing to work on himself and find answers. I also liked that he could be so bare and raw with Aydin.

Another hero I love has to be Mason, from Resisting the Rock Star. He’s a rock and roll god who happens to have a son. Now that’s not so remarkable, but I like him because he’s a parent. But in his case, he didn’t know he was a parent until his son was almost eighteen. I like how he threw himself into parenting and trying to be the father his son needed, even if he hadn’t been there for a long time. I also like Mason’s bickering with his parents. Not the ‘I don’t like you’ kind of bickering, but the ‘your girlfriend, no matter who she is, will never be good enough for you’ kind of arguments. It’s something many people go through. I know I have. I like him for his flaws—not knowing about his kid and being on the road so much—but for his good qualities—wanting the best for his son, wanting the best in his relationships and still making music.

What about you? Who do you consider my best hero? I’d love to know.


Seeing You Again by Megan Slayer cover

Seeing You Again

[Contemporary New Adult Erotic Romance]

Brandon Kidd has three loves – his art, the music of Depeche Mode, and his boyfriend, Aydin. He’s seen the band in concert a few times but needs to see them one more time. He’s determined to go to the Cleveland event. There’s only one snag. Aydin doesn’t share his devotion to the band. When an opportunity to attend comes along, Brandon has to decide between following his desire and his heart.

Aydin may not be a fan of Depeche Mode, but he’ll do anything for Brandon. Plus, Brandon’s birthday is coming up. How better to spend the day than to take the love of his life to the concert of the year? But Brandon’s pulling away. Will Aydin’s surprise work out, or will the special night be their last?

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