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October 2018: Favorite Hero
~ Bobbi Groover ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Of your published titles to date, which hero is your favorite and why?

Bobbi Groover said:
Of my published titles to date which hero is my favorite? That’s an easy one. His name is Fletcher and he is the hero of my historical romance, Season Of The Shadow. He is the proud owner of one of the largest plantations in antebellum Virginia. Why is he my favorite? Because he has everything—power, wealth and the world at his feet. Yet, despite this, he has honor, integrity and a sensitivity rarely displayed in those of his position. Then one day, all the trappings of privilege are snatched from him. Others steal his name, his voice and his memory. He nearly loses his life as well. My hero regains consciousness on the other side of life.

Fletcher is my favorite because he had been thrown to rock bottom through no fault of his own. He had either to surrender and die or struggle to live. But live as what? He knew nothing; he had nothing. He wasn’t even certain where he was being held hostage. I loved his inner strength that kept him surviving. He was as deep in the pits of humanity as one could get. With no memory he didn’t even realize the depths to which he had fallen.

Circumstances such as these might have driven a lesser man to crime. Not Fletcher; it just wasn’t in him. My hero utilized the one thing he had left—his mind. Though plagued by vicious headaches and flashes of memories he did not understand, he constantly trudged forward. He found menial jobs to feed himself. With the little money he accrued, he dabbled at the card tables and found his remarkable acumen at poker brought him a tidy sum.

The advantages of his newly acquired wealth brought an onslaught of migraines and erupting memories from deep inside his head. His true identity burst into his consciousness riding on a wave of anger. His first instincts were fueled by hatred as he galloped, hell bent, for home determined to regain his birthright. But he had been gone for a decade and regaining what was rightfully his would not be easy. Each failure showed his strength. Every setback sorely tried his sense of honor. He used his cunning to outwit his enemy and beat him at his own game.

When Season Of The Shadow was finished, I missed Fletcher in my everyday thoughts. So much so that he makes an appearance in my next romance, The Inn At Little Bend, as well as my current manuscript which is nearly finished.


Season Of The Shadow by Bobbie Groover cover

Season of The Shadow

[Historical Romance]

***Seduction, betrayal, a life shattered and a fiery spirit broken***
It was a time of chivalry and grace but also a time of turmoil. Fletcher Stedman is the crown prince of Virginia’s famous Seabrook Plantation. The handsome rakehell is a man of dreams with headstrong passions and an ingenious mind. Suddenly his dreams are shattered and his life ripped from him by a jealous cousin, and Fletcher is put to the test fighting for his life and his sanity.

Kyndee Brock always dreams of marrying her handsome Fletcher–her kindred spirit and dearest love. One day, however, Fletcher mysteriously disappears. Kyndee must spend the next decade defying fate, following her heart to reunite them and recapture the love they had been denied.

This masterwork of romance and passion, woven into the tapestry of antebellum America, holds readers spellbound as the lovers strive to defy the capricious Fates and join their destinies once more.

Available in Ebook:



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