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May 2019: Strangest Search
~ Megan Slayer ~

CTR asked:

What is the strangest thing you’ve researched for a book? Tell us about the thing, the book it’s featured in, and your methods (i.e. search engines, interviews, Reddit testimonials, etc).

Megan Slayer said:

This month’s topic has to do with the strangest thing I’ve ever researched for a book. What book is this thing featured in and what were my methods.

I’d like to think the things I’m looking up aren’t strange. I’ve had a few that made my stomach churn (and gave me nightmares), but those books aren’t written yet.

So the oddest thing I’ve ever researched for a book… Let’s see… When I wrote the Love Lessons series, I had to research BDSM. Now that’s not odd. I’ve researched BDSM lots of times and participated in plenty. Like I said, not odd.

But I’m not into piercing. Don’t ask why. Maybe it’s because I’m not wild about needles. Anyway, each story in the Love Lessons series involves a pairing and their use of bondage—role play, fetish, spanking, voyeurism, toys… you name it.

So the oddest thing I’ve researched had to be the nipple chains and chain bras my character in Dancing Together wore. She wanted to impress her boyfriend and needed something really out there (Or at least out there to her). So since she had her nipples pierced, she wanted a bra or chain for them. Once he saw the chain, he wanted one that connected her collar to her nipples and below.

Where did I go to research such things? The internet of course. But also I talked to friends who have a tattoo salon. I asked them about piercing such things and wearing the jewelry. One thing I wanted to know was how to wear clips with nipple piercings. I mean, that’s a lot of tugging and pinching. But they showed me how and it looked darn hot. I visited Etsy for pretty versions of the chains, but also Extreme Restraints, FetLife and more.

Is that a strange search item? No. Okay, it’s not to me. To some, it’s strange. I don’t mind. I got my information for Dancing Together and the characters were even better because of it.


Dancing Together by Wendi Zwaduk cover

Dancing Together, Love Lessons ~ Book 4


Can friends with benefits become a lasting love?

Allyson Benson has been in love with Jordy Murphy since she started teaching at the same elementary building. She wants the tall, blond gym teacher to notice her and, when he runs into her at a party, she summons her courage to ask him to be friends with benefits. Shouldn’t be difficult—lots of sex, but no entanglements and certainly not love…until love enters the equation.

Jordy Murphy doesn’t do relationships. He’s happy being free, but there’s one woman who has been on his radar—Ally. He wants to get her out of her boring clothes and kindergarten classroom for some serious one-on-one time. He’s all for the sex-only situation she proposes until he’s struck with a realization—what if this perpetual free spirit has met his match? Allyson could be the one. Can the commitment-phobe really accept the love he’s wanted all along?

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