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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ Pamela Woods-Jackson ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

Pamela Woods-Jackson said:
I was teaching in an urban high school, and one of my students told me we were having a fire drill in the afternoon. I replied that teachers hadn’t been notified of that, so I asked how he knew. He said his friend Deana told him, and she’s psychic. I don’t remember if we had the fire drill, but I did start wondering what went on inside the head of a teenage psychic.


Confessions of a Teenage Psychic by Pamela Woods-Jackson cover

Confessions of a Teenage Psychic

[Young Adult]

Caryn Alderson just wants to be a normal teenager. Moving from Houston to Indianapolis and trying to make new friends is hard enough, but when she meets Quince Adams, Rosslyn High School’s star athlete, she wants more than friendship. Unfortunately, two obstacles stand in her way: Quince’s girlfriend, cheerleader Kensington Marlow, and Caryn’s Uncle Omar. So what’s the problem? Kensington’s cheating on Quince, and Uncle Omar died in Vietnam at age 20! Imagine hearing voices, seeing spirits no one else can see, and knowing things about people they never told you. No wonder Quince and all her new friends think she’s weird! Then just when Caryn thinks her psychic abilities are under wraps, her friend Megan blurts out the truth on television. Can Caryn finally admit her secret and just be herself? Does she really have a choice?

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