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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ Nicola Cameron ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

Nicola Cameron said:
I’ve been fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology since I was a kid. While doing research on something completely separate, I came across a legend about a pair of twin sea gods named Bythos and Aphros who were sea centaurs–human upper bodies with an equine front half and a fishtail rear half. They were half-brothers to the centaur Chiron, and acted as protectors of the sea under Poseidon’s guidance. I tucked the information away in the back of my writer brain and didn’t think anything more about it until I decided to take a crack at writing a MM fantasy romance novel.

For the book, I wanted to play around with the idea of Greek gods still existing today and what they were doing in the modern world, especially with regards to pollution and climate change. By and Aph came to mind (it didn’t hurt that the legends described them as redheaded and my mind immediately went to Cumberbatch and Hiddleston), and I got the idea to set the story on the Atlantic coast of Florida where they would come across a writer named Ian West and seduce him. Since that would be kind of hard in their normal forms, I made them shifters–and what’s one of the most common tropes with shifters? Fated mates. So Ian became their agapetos, their fated consort, and the three of them had to fight an insane goddess who was trying to destroy mankind in revenge for deforming her with pollution, which became my MMM fantasy romance STORM SEASON.

The funny thing was, STORM SEASON was supposed to be a standalone. And then Ian’s best friend Nick showed up, and Poseidon wanted a word, and Chiron, and the plot to destroy mankind got even deeper and more sinister, and suddenly I had this cast of characters that simply wouldn’t fit in a single novel. I do seem to have this problem with spawning series whenever I get an idea for a book. Then again, there are worse problems to have!


Storm Season by Nicola Cameron cover

Storm Season (Olympic Cove 1)

[Fantasy Romance, MMM]

Ian West had his summer all planned out — go down to Florida, stay in his family’s beach cottage on Olympic Cove, and work on his science fiction novel. But his plans get thrown for a loop when gorgeous twin sea gods Bythos and Aphros show up in the cove and inform him he’s their fated consort.

As if that wasn’t enough, something in the Gulf of Mexico is turning mermaids into legendary monsters and gods into demons. Now, Ian not only has to navigate the complicated waters of a ménage relationship with twin sea gods, he also has to stop an insane deity and save the whole damn planet.

No pressure.

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