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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ N.J. Walters ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

N.J. Walters said:
Like most authors, I was an avid reader long before I was a writer. I’d mostly read some fiction and historical fiction before I discovered the world of romance when I was in my late twenties. It changed my life.

A few years later, I wasn’t working for a time and was reading more. One day it occurred to me that I could do this. I could write a book. So I did. I wrote one book and then another. I knew nothing about writing and they had some problems, but I submitted them to the few places open to unagented submissions at the time. (This was before ebooks.) They were rejected and I put them away and forgot about writing.

Some years later, I saw an online competition for a romance novel and it inspired me to start writing again. I had two days to get the first chapter done and submitted. Needless to say, I didn’t do anything with the contest, but I kept on writing and eventually finished the book and submitted it to an ebook publisher I’d seen in a magazine. The book was accepted and in October 2004 Annabelle Lee was released by Ellora’s Cave. (That book is now available as Uncovering Annabelle.)

And the original two books I wrote…they were rewritten and were eventually published as Discovering Dani and The Way Home, the first two books in my contemporary Jamesville series.

My first book was released almost 14 years ago and I haven’t stopped writing since.


Uncovering Annabelle by N.J. Walters cover

Uncovering Annabelle

[Spicy Contemporary Romance]

Days fueled by desire . . .

Annabelle Lee is content to spend her days as a quiet and staid librarian, revealing her true desires only at night, when she indulges in the rich erotic life that lives only in her fantasies. It is there she dreams of Mike Sloan, the rugged handyman who stirs her passions and ignites her erotic nature.

Nights filled with pleasure . . .

Mike has always yearned to get a peek behind Annabelle’s demure nature, knowing there is far more there than she shows. When he finally gets her alone, they unleash a passion beyond any late-night fantasy. Limited only by their imaginations, they set out to explore even their deepest desires, with Mike hoping to win Annabelle’s heart in the process.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published in 2004 as Annabelle Lee.

Available in Ebook:



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