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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ Laura M. Baird ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

Laura M. Baird said:
I played piano, along with a few other instruments when younger, and always wished I had continued. My love of music will never go away. My debut novel was inspired by a writing prompt for a short taboo story. It’s about a young pianist and a composer with the Seattle Symphony. I imagined what it would be like for an older man to fall in love with a young lady on the cusp of womanhood. But as the story developed, it changed a bit for me.

Keyed Up” is about Penelope Dixon, falling in love at the age of eighteen, with another performer-turned-composer who was ten years her senior at the time. Although Sebastian Mauer fell head-over-heals for her, he thought it inappropriate, and foolishly pushed her aside. As time got away from them, ten years later they’re reunited for a collaboration, and now nothing will stop Sebastian from reclaiming her love.

Penelope is ready to strike out on her own and become an independent woman, so when she’s reunited with Sebastian, her world is thrown off-kilter. As buried feelings resurface, she can’t deny he’s been her one true love; but she’ll make him work for it.

I researched the Seattle Symphony and attended performances to get a feel for the atmosphere, in hopes to bring authenticity. I love bringing local flavor into my writing, hoping others will feel as if they are there! As well as want to explore more.


Keyed Up by Laura M. Baird cover

Keyed Up

[Contemporary Romance (Possibly New Adult Romance)]

Penelope Dixon is stepping out of the shadow of her famous father, to become the pianist with the Seattle Symphony. When she’s unexpectedly reunited with her first love, Sebastian Mauer, of ten years ago, her world is thrown off-kilter. As feelings resurface, does she dare let Sebastian in while still trying to become an independent woman?

Sebastian foolishly pushed aside his feelings for Penelope, thinking it best for her at the time; and lived in misery ever since. When he’s called to collaborate with the Symphony, knowing he’ll work with Penelope, he can’t refuse. And this time, he’ll do whatever it takes to prove they’re meant to be together.

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