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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ K.M. Daughters ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

K.M. Daughters said:
During our adult lives we were separated by the distance between the East coast and Midwest where we each raised our families. Spending treasured “sister time” together when one or the other of us flew to O’Hare or Newark airport to visit has always involved walking…and talking…a lot! During a walk around Rutherford, our hometown, Kathie tossed out the title for a romance novel that she had thought up and about during her early morning walks alone: Reunion For The First Time. Instantly hooked, I wanted more right away – what’s the plot, characters, genre….? Tossing ideas back and forth entertained us for the duration of the walk. I thought I was helping Kathie solidify plot elements and character arcs for “her” novel. Happily, I was wrong.

Because when we returned to Kathie’s house, she suggested, “Why don’t we write the book together?”

We had already registered to attend RWA’s national conference in Reno, Nevada that year and looked forward to more sister time pursuing dreams of writing romance novels. In between attending workshops and listening (raptly) to keynote speakers, we wandered around the hotel’s grounds talking animatedly about our book. By the end of the conference, we had a plot map and alternating chapter writing assignments.

Technically a book title inspired the creation of our debut novel. But our parents will always be the inspiration for our novels: Kay, because she loved to read romance novels; and Mickey, because he wrote children’s stories for us that inspired us to write, too. That day when we walked along collaborating on Reunion For The First Time ended with our decision on a pen name. Of course we were K.M. Daughters.

*(Originally published in 2009 as Past, Present And Forever. Past, Present and Forever received a 5 cup review from Coffee Time Romance and it won the CTRR award for the month of March 2009.)


Reunion For The First Time by K.M. Daughters cover

Reunion For The First Time

[Contemporary Romance ]

Lizzie Moran is desperate to help her best friend’s husband recover from grief-stricken despair after her friend passes away. But their love was unlike anything Lizzie has ever seen. A love she knows will never happen for her, considering the bad choices she’s made.

Jack Clark is ready to take whatever measures necessary to yank his brother out of the abyss he’s fallen into after his wife’s death. And when he meets the lovely Lizzie who has the same goal, he is perfectly willing to put aside their differences, for the sake of his brother.

Tensions escalate when Jack and Lizzie are forced to attend a reunion together—and the fact that Lizzie’s former fiancé, the man who dumped her the same day her parents died, will be there doesn’t help. But an unlikely matchmaker has a plan—and if it succeeds, Jack and Lizzie might just realize they are meant for each other.

Available in Ebook:

Wild Rose Press


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