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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ Ginny Lynn ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

Ginny Lynn said:
I have been reading romance novels since I was 15 and wanted to write for Harlequin. Now, instead of contemporary romance, I write paranormal an urban fantasy. My love has always been with vampires and werewolves, so why not share that love with the world? If I could blame an author for my deep roots in Paranormal, it would be Laurell K. Hamilton. My big brother gave me a hard back copy of Obsidian Butterfly and it all escalated from there.


Love's Darkest House by Ginny Lynn cover

Love’s Darkest House

[Gothic Paranormal Romance]

Jobless and out of options, an unexpected inheritance seems like the answer to a prayer for Renata Barkely. When she meets the seductive and enigmatic caretaker, Kenrick Giles, and discovers the Southern estate is haunted, she realizes her good fortune might be worse than being broke.

Caught between her increasingly erotic dreams of Kenrick and a vengeful ghost-witch who wants her for her own dark purposes, Renata must face her feelings before all is lost.

When ecstasy battles revenge, will passion be enough to win in this fight for power?

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