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May 2018: Debut Novel Inspiration
~ Elisabeth Rose ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What inspired you to write your debut novel?

Elisabeth Rose said:
The Right Chord was my very first book accepted for publication back in 2007. I can still remember the disbelief coupled with excitement when I read the email saying they wanted my story. It had taken 6 years of submitting work and being rejected. Not all were for that same story but once I found the right home for my voice and style I went on to sell seven more manuscripts to Avalon.

At the time our next door neighbours had two malamuds–big friendly husky style dogs who barked when people walked down the lane between our houses. As soon as the offending walker passed the boundary fence line they stopped so we didn’t mind the deep ‘woof woof’. One was called Denali and the other Cess. Denali was the barking ringleader and we nicknamed him Woof. What never failed to make my whole family laugh was the occasional howling. Both dogs could hear an ambulance/police or fire engine siren way before we did and they’d both begin the most mournful wail you can imagine. As soon as the siren faded they stopped.

I teach clarinet at home and I always thought it very lucky, given the sounds some of my students emitted, that Woof didn’t start up during lessons. That gave me the idea for the story. What if a professional violinist lived next door to a dog that howled when she practised? Enter Grace, the musician and Harry the dog owning writer trying to finish his latest book and of course, Woof, the dog. Neither can work while Woof howls but Grace must practice for an audition to move up the ranks in her orchestra.

Unfortunately for Harry, Grace, tired of being the agreeable woman who everyone takes advantage of has decided to become more assertive but it’s so against her sweet nature she oversteps the line between assertive and offensive. Harry discovers his neighbor is a complete pain in the neck.

I originally called the story Leopard Spots as in ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’ because that is really the theme of the book. Is trying to change your basic nature achievable?


The Right Chord by Elisabeth Rose cover

The Right Chord

[Sweet Contemporary Romance]

Unceremoniously dumped by her latest boyfriend, violinist Grace Richmond is told she is too easygoing, a pushover so she swaps her eclectic clothing for power suits, pins up her wayward curls and acts tough. Voila! New Grace is born. But the fine line between assertive and obnoxious eludes her. Her new persona seems to be generating greater problems—particularly in her relationship with her attractive new neighbor. Can she let down her guard long enough for him to see the true Grace—clumsy and soft though she may be?

Recently divorced sci-fi writer Harry Birmingham just wants a quiet life in suburbia with his eight-year-old son, William, and their dog, Woof. He swiftly discovers two things—his new home is next door to a practicing musician, and Woof howls when he hears a violin. Intent on peaceful cohabitation, Harry is alarmed to meet a woman frighteningly reminiscent of his ex-wife. Grace is aggressive, prickly, and downright rude, even if she is gorgeous. But Harry wonders if he’s missing something—William and Woof adore her. Is there more to Grace than meets the eye?

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