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June 2019: Wish You’d Known
~ Megan Slayer ~

CTR asked:

What is something you wish you’d known when you first started writing? (Craft or career).

Megan Slayer said:

There are a lot of things I wish I’d known when I started writing. Some things are simple, but some aren’t.

I wish I’d known you should always write what you want. It might not be popular and might not sell the way you want, but you have to be true to yourself. That might seem like a well, duh, kind of thing. If you’re writing, you should be true to yourself and what you want to write. But the thing is, market chasing is real. People will tell you to write what sells so you can get your name out there, THEN write what you want. I can honestly say I’ve always written what I wanted to write, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been nudged.

Another thing I wish I’d been told was people will tell you a lot of things. They’ll claim they have the answers. You should listen to them. But that doesn’t always work. There are those out there who want you to give them money so they can help you, but they don’t want to help you. They want your money. I fell into some of those traps. Be smart and don’t fall into them.

I wish I were told that there are those who want free books. They’ll tell you they’ll review your book. Many times, they won’t. They’ll say, they’ll pimp your book. A lot of times, they don’t. They want something free. Don’t feed the trolls.

I wish I knew that I’d find some great friends and learn some huge lessons along the way. I’ve built some fantastic friendships through writing. Readers and authors. I count them among my best people. They’re honest and will tell you you’re great, but they’ll also give you that swift kick if you need it. Trust me. I’ve learned some huge lessons. The ones you trust might not always be worth it. Some will, but there will be potholes. Keep your head on your shoulders.

That’s my best advice – keep your head on your shoulders and think things through. Don’t jump at every opportunity without giving it a think or two. Because it sounds good and maybe too good to be true, it might be. But don’t be afraid of opportunity. Do I sound like a motivational poster? Oh well. It’s worth it to have some advice from time to time.


His Private Dancer by Megan Slayer cover

His Private Dancer, The Jordan Brothers 1

[Contemporary Dark BDSM Romance]

I want what I want, no question — even her.

Dashiell “Dash” Jordan runs the city of Shaker with an iron fist. Whatever he wants, he gets — except the woman he craves, who hasn’t been available. He’s waited long enough, and nothing will stop him, not even her bastard ex-husband or her con artist father. But once Dash sets his sights on her, will she allow herself to be owned, or will she walk away a second time?

Christy Lane never loved anyone the way she did Dash. She knew the danger of being with him, but she didn’t care. Then Dash left her. She tried to put her life back together, but that life included marriage to a perpetual cheater, being thrown out of her father’s church, and working in the only job she can get — stripping. Then Dash reappears. The memories of their life together rush back — the scenes, the passion and craving. She doesn’t want to be a plaything, but he’s offering her the world. Will she allow him to own her or end their second chance before she’s hurt again?

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