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June 2018: Publishing Path
~ Zenobia Renquist ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: Which path did you take: Trad, Indie, or Hybrid? And what led you to that choice?

Zenobia Renquist said:
Back when I debuted in 2007, self-publishing wasn’t really an option. Small press publishers like Samhain Publishing were the new thing and ebooks were just gaining ground with readers who were used to print.

Fast forward a few years and Musa Publishing closed it’s doors, leaving the only book I had published with them an orphan. By this point, self-publishing was well established and a viable means for an author to get their books out there. So, I took Wine Service, gave it a new cover, changed the name to VIP Room Service and released it myself.

That first release was an eye-opening experience that taught me self-publishing wasn’t that hard or horrible. It’s a lot of work, sure, but well worth it to have the freedom and control over my cover, release date, price, and everything else.

Since 2015, other small press publishing houses I was with have closed. My first thought upon getting my rights back was to put the titles out myself. It’s slow going because I want to rework some titles and completely overhaul others. However, I’m up to the challenge, and soon those titles will be back out there.


VIP Room Service by Zenobia Renquist cover

VIP Room Service (Other Related Duties 1)

[Contemporary BDSM Erotica]

The beds aren’t the only thing she’ll be stripping …

Lexie works as a maid at a five-star hotel, and she needs every penny of her income. So when handsome guest Mr. Malena requests favors that are definitely not on the room service menu, Lexie can’t believe how tempted she is — and how much she enjoys guaranteeing his satisfaction.

But the game is up when her boss finds out. Is Lexie about to lose her job … or is she in for an even bigger shock?

Reader advisory: This 37,250-word story is for mature readers only and features submission, exhibitionism, and menage. Previously published as Wine Service.

Available in Ebook:



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