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January 2019: Fact in Fiction
~ Cynthia Sax ~

CTR asked:

How much of your real life bleeds over into your books? And do you worry that someone will be able to tell the fact from the fiction?

Cynthia Sax said:

How much of your real life bleeds over into your books? And do you worry that someone will be able to tell the fact from the fiction?

Real Life And Fiction With Cynthia Sax

My view of reality definitely influences the stories I tell.

Most of my stories are fated-to-mate, instalove romances. I prefer writing these stories because that’s my only experience with romantic love. I fell in love with the Dear Wonderful Hubby at first sight. Yes, I didn’t believe it existed before it happened to us either. But it did and over 25 years later, we’re still very much in love.

The emotions in my stories are all based on real emotions.

They might not be my emotions. In Hers To Command, for example, the heroine is dealing with the loss of a child. This is based on my Mom’s experience. One of my brothers died years ago and she continues to deal with that loss.

And when they ARE my emotions, the causes of those emotions are often different. I’ve never been chased by hostile aliens, for example. But I HAVE been chased by hostile humans. I’ve never lost a best friend during a military battle, as another example. But I HAVE lost a best friend to her battle with cancer. I’ve never fallen in love with a cyborg. I HAVE fallen in love with a human male (the Dear Wonderful Hubby).

But the emotions are very real. If you read my stories, you’ll see that intimate side of me, a part very few other people witness. I’m normally a private person. When I’m writing, however, I leave pieces of me all over the page.

Will readers mix up my stories or my characters and me as a writer?

I’m currently focused on writing SciFi Romance. These stories are set in space and in the future. My readers are some of the most intelligent people on the planet. I doubt they will confuse my fiction with facts. I DO hope, however, the characters’ experiences especially their emotions feel ‘real.’ That means I’ve done my job, have written a good story.


Warlord Sky by Cynthia Sax cover

Warlord Sky

[SciFi Alien MF Romance]

No one grounds a barbarian warrior.

Qulpa, a Chamele warrior, lost everyone he loved in the brutal Succession Wars. Flying is the only thing that brings him joy. Serving as his team’s pilot is the sole duty he has left. Then a horrific crash leaves him injured and unable to fly.

The one being who can help him is also his gerel, the female destined to be his. She insists she doesn’t feel their connection. Qulpa is certain his beautiful mate is lying and nothing will stop him from finding out why.

Nayan knows the injured barbarian is her warrior, her one chance at a forever bond. His dominance makes her feel safe. His gentle touch inflames her passion. His kisses scorch her very soul. The tall muscular male tempts her as no one else has.

But she has a deadly secret. If it’s exposed, her injured male will lose more than his ability to fly. Both of them will die. She can’t take that risk, not for him, not for them, not for a lifespan filled with love.

* * *

Warlord Sky is a STANDALONE Alien Barbarian SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes violent universe.

Available in Ebook:


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