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January 2019: Fact in Fiction
~ Afton Locke ~

CTR asked:

How much of your real life bleeds over into your books? And do you worry that someone will be able to tell the fact from the fiction?

Afton Locke said:

Fiction allows me to become a storyteller. I can pull from the real world, whether it’s my personal life or something in the world around me and tell a story that is filled with life. It just always has a happy ending. ~ Angela Kay Austin

When I first started my writing career, I wrote about what I wanted to experience in love. Later, after having an awesome loving, compassionate, and mind-blowing intimate relationship with a younger man, I wrote about what I actually experienced. This made weaving the stories between my tragic upbringing, and fashioning a male who was a perfect balance to all of that, a fulfilling and wonderful thing. Because my life has so much angst, my teenage son was the one to warn me about putting too much of it into one book. So, I splintered my soul and the experiences across several of them and the healing and beauty that ensued made me so glad I listened to him. ~ Naleighna Kai

The way real life bleeds into our stories is that it usually causes us to write something totally different from what we see b/c often the things that stick with us are the things that are so depressing. Thus, writing allows us to create an escape. ~ Jayha Leigh

No matter where you think life is leading you, be open to going in a different direction. The plans you have for yourself are just that – Plans. When the tide changes, be okay with adjusting with it. It’s okay, whatever path you take is the right one. ~ Reana Malori

I’m not sure if my real life bleeds into my books as much as trickles in. I might take aspects of two or three personalities and blend them. I do the same with places. I might take a model kitchen I saw somewhere and combine it with a living room I saw in a magazine. I might do the same with a situation. I blend and twist them until it would be very difficult to dissect the parts enough to tell what’s real life and what’s from my imagination 🙂 ~ LaVerne Thompson

You can have your life planned out, mapped out, and know exactly how you want things to go when life throws you a curveball. But there’s no need to run. No need to fear. Because this is an opportunity for growth and a chance for you to recognize your destiny ~ V. Vee

You can have it all today, and tomorrow wonder where it all went. In a blink of an eye, the material things around you can disappear, but your heart and hopes never will. The important thing is to remember in your darkest hour, who you really are. And in the darkness, make sure you only have people around you that are filled with light. In Good Luck, Charlie!, the heroine is faced with insurmountable odds in her personal life, even as her career moves forward. This story is not about professional triumph, but about personal compromise. In her true self, she finds that she’s more than just a leader, she’s a sexual goddess who is dying to be unleashed. ~ Latrivia Welch


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