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February 2019: Hardest Character
~ Shelly Gail Morris ~

CTR asked:

Who was your hardest character to write? And why?

Shelly Gail Morris said:

My most difficult character to write was Janice, a preacher’s wife in the short story, Busting Out. She loves her children and her husband, yet feels plagued with insecurities. She has no money of her own, no job, and no voice in her home. Most of her life is happy, but God cursed her with a huge nose All she really desires is a nose job, but her husband strictly forbids her. It was hard writing her timid inner monologue, but wickedly fun writing her chance at financial freedom. When her brother, who is a costume designer, brings a movie set to their home town, Janice is spotted for her beautiful, voluptuous body. She agrees to pose as a body double. All must keep the secret. No one will know how she financed her surgery and took control of her wellbeing, her beauty and her life.


Ordinary Woman, Not! by Shelly Gail Morris cover

Ordinary Women – Not!

[Women’s Fiction]

Ordinary Women – Not! consists of seventeen stories, perfect for the busy woman on the go. Take this book along, and in just a few pages you can meet–a group of cut throat, Southern belle card players, a busy mom sidetracked by a torrid affair, a woman with memories of the Salem Witch Trials, a retired Las Vegas showgirl, a timid body double trying to stand on her own, an Internet psychic intent on getting her man, or a newspaper photographer infatuated by a down and out baseball player.

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