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February 2019: Hardest Character
~ Carol McKibben ~

CTR asked:

Who was your hardest character to write? And why?

Carol McKibben said:

Kane, the first blood son of Brogio, the original vampire, was the most difficult character for me to write. Why? Because both Brogio and Kane have separate book series. I wanted to make Kane vastly different than his maker. So, I made him have a fascination with beautiful, expensive clothes. While Brogio only wears solid black, Kane is a fashionista. I had to always keep that in the back of my brain, particularly in the books where I used both characters.

Brogio was created; Kane asked to be turned due to his wanting time/eternity to acquire knowledge. I had to always weave in Kane’s great intellect and knowledge. It was imperative to use his knowledge to resolve much of the conflict in the stories.

I needed to give him that lady’s man vibe and keep it alive through everything he did. It was important to show his growth from being a womanizer to finding real love and what that means. So, I had to slowly show that dynamic change from one book to the next. He is the least constant of all my characters. His growth becomes more obvious through each book. When we first meet him, he is witty and delights in needling his maker, Brogio. However, in times of great need, he is a great ally. His feelings for his sire’s vampire dog, Snow Blood, change from one of distain to one of love and respect. We slowly learn that he is secretly in love with his sire’s mate. He battles within himself to overcome those feelings, at first as a womanizer, and later by finding someone who matches her in every way in his mind.

So, because Kane had to make such a dynamic change, he was the most difficult to write. It’s not that he wasn’t fun to develop. He was. But other characters had fairly set ethics and emotions that readers could depend upon. They isn’t to say they were stilted in any way, but their characteristics just easily flowed through me.


Moon Blood by Carol McKibben cover

Moon Blood – The First Blood Son Series

[Paranormal – vampire mystery thriller]

Kane de Medici, the first blood son of Brogio, the original vampire, saves Moon, a hybrid wolf pup from certain death.

The kindred two are soon immersed in a world of corporate espionage, murder and intrigue and forced to fight for their lives.

Escaping capture and torture when human predators discover their vampire nature, they exact deadly revenge.

While Moon Blood Is loyal to Kane, her sire, she is a strong-willed female with a mind of her own. Readers will enjoy the unique perspective of this tale told through her mind’s eye.

The vampire mystery thriller that began with Snow Blood continues with the first blood son series.

Available in Ebook:


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