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February 2019: Hardest Character
~ Annie Hoff ~

CTR asked:

Who was your hardest character to write? And why?

Annie Hoff said:

The main character in my new comedy, Georgette Alden Starts Over, was both easy and difficult to write. Difficult, because she’s very different from me. I’m an unassuming writer-type who spends hours sitting at my desk and looking out the window while daydreaming. Doing anything bold requires lots of deep breaths and several cups of coffee.

Georgette, on the other hand, is a drama queen. She loves to make scenes. She likes being the center of attention. So each time I wrote from her point of view, I had to put on a (metaphorical) large hat with a feather and pretend I liked being center stage no matter what the circumstances.

She fascinated me, but she could also be very frustrating. And sometimes, she did not play well with others. She was mean to the other characters–and they let me know about it! But she also had an indomitable spirit and a can-do attitude that kept me (and hopefully keeps the reader) from disliking her.

And, part of her story arc is to become a better person.Through the course of the book, Georgette learns to be more circumspect and less self-centered. By the end of it, she’d become one of my favorite heroines.


Georgette Alden Starts Over by Annie Hoff cover

Georgette Alden Starts Over

[Romantic Comedy]

Georgette Alden has played the part of Electra Holmes on the daytime television drama, Our Time Tomorrow, for over thirty years. When the producers decide Electra is no longer young and sexy enough for their demographic, the character is, quite literally, pushed from a cliff to her untimely demise. Georgette, incensed at this turn of events, stages an attempted suicide, which does not result in anything but a bad headache.

Now, left with too many hours to fill her day, she doesn’t quite know what to do. Her neighbor, Peggy (Georgette can never remember the woman’s last name except that it’s a double name like Crème-Brule) suggests Georgette join her in volunteering at a homeless shelter. Georgette would rather dive through dumpsters for day old cream puffs, but when Peggy mentions a public announcement spot for the shelters and suggests Georgette as the spokesperson Georgette decides there might be something to this volunteering business after all.

The director of the Helping Hands shelters, Tony Rodriquez, has had a crush on Electra since his college days, when watching Our Time Tomorrow became his guilty pleasure. Wheelchair bound due to an accident that took his wife’s life ten years earlier, Tony figures he hasn’t got a chance with the beautiful Georgette. Yet, when they meet, sparks begin to fly and maybe, just maybe, they can find the love they’ve both been seeking.

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