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August 2018: Writing Advice
~ Zenobia Renquist ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What is the one piece of writing advice that has stuck with you and why? (Something other than ‘write what you know.’)

Zenobia Renquist said:
Writing the book is the easy part.

An author told me the above when I first started, and it stuck with me and always resonates through all that I do.

Every time I say this to authors who ask for advice, inevitably there is someone who says something along the lines of “it took a lot of hard work and long hours for me to write this book, and it wasn’t easy.” That’s very true. And, I never said writing a book is easy. It’s really not, and that’s the point of the above advice.

If writing the book is the easy part, then what about the rest?

Let me tell you, the rest (editing, cover art approval, submissions, promotion, and so) is a total beast. I hope you don’t like your hair, because you will be pulling it out. No matter if you are publishing yourself or going through a publisher, it’s a lot of hard work. Many, many authors have uttered, at one time or another, “I just want to write.” But once you become published, just writing isn’t enough.

You have to go through edits. That’s an absolute must. You have to write a blurb, or at least pay someone to write it for you, which would mean writing a synopsis so the person you pay knows enough about your story to write a decent blurb.

If you’re going the publisher route, that means you’re headed for the submissions process if you’re not already an author with that publisher. And sometimes already being an author with that publisher means you still have to get back in the submissions line. Then, after acceptance, it’s on to edits and cover art requests and promotion.

If you are self-publishing, then you need to find an editor and do edits, find a cover artist and get your cover, do your formatting, and load your book to all the retailers. Every step of the process is in your hands and doesn’t get done unless you do it… or pay someone to do it for you.

And don’t even get me started on promotion and social media. So I say again for those who are just jumping into this profession (or possibly for those who are already in it) and feel that writing your book took a lot out of you… writing the book is the easy part.

Good luck.


Rite Men for Maya by Zenobia Renquist cover

Rite Men for Maya

[Shifter Fantasy Romance, MMF]

Sometimes fishing for love requires two lures.

Maya is a half human, half merman who has decided to attend the fertility-virility rite and learn more about her merman heritage. The rite is meant to help mermen find their perfect mates, but Maya is only interested in using it as research.

Tam and Kessen are participants who are searching for their third. They are drawn to Maya and she to them. But, she refuses to acknowledge the bond and runs. Tam and Kessen must pursue her through her dreams if they hope to make their love a reality and prove they are the right men for Maya.

Available in Ebook:

Changeling Press


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