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August 2018: Writing Advice
~ Tory Richards ~

CTR asked:
QUESTION: What is the one piece of writing advice that has stuck with you and why? (Something other than ‘write what you know.’)

Tory Richards said:

I’ve heard that a lot over the years, and I can’t tell you how important it is that you take that advice. Reading helps you hone your own writing skills. It helps you with learning about sentence structure, editing and grammar. For me, point of view (POV) was a major issue in the beginning. Reading helped me to identify where I lacked as a writer.

Reading other books gives you inspiration, too. I can’t tell you how many times a tiny snippet in a story gave me an idea that later developed into a full-blown book. Reading also opens the door to an endless list of plot possibilities that you may not have considered before. Almost anything goes in fiction, right?

And don’t forget, reading includes re-reading your own work before you put it out there. I’ve read so many books where it was obvious that the writer didn’t proof her own work.


Furious by Tory Richards cover


[Erotic Biker Romance]

Moody had had it all once, and had lost it in a heartbeat. Now he goes through life as a cold, heartless nomad. A man to avoid and be afraid of, uncaring that each day could be his last. He gives a fuck about nothing and no one, until an innocent woman appears out of nowhere, unafraid of his fury, challenging his demons, making him want to live again. Is he strong enough to let her into his heart?

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