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April 2018: Writing Software
~ Reet Singh ~

CTR asked:
Which writing software do you use (something other than MS Word, like Jutoh and Scrivener)? What’s your favorite feature(s), and why?

Reet Singh said:
I use Scrivener, invariably, because it is such a time-saver. Its magic lies in its ability to organize my material – I can get the draft of my work-in-progress, the research material, the character sketches, the setting – just everything – into the software, and it’s visible to me in a pane on the left.

For my first two romance novels – Scorched by His Fire and The Cure was Love – I used Open Office, which is great too, but I had to step out of my document and forage about in the folders when I needed to look up something related to the story. With Scrivener, everything is right there in the left pane, in plain view (the pane is called the Inspector for a good reason!), and there’s lots of time saved in moving back and forth between the draft and the research documents, etc.

I can choose to break the story down into chapters and/or scenes and, when something isn’t working right in the timeline, I can move the chapters around in seconds by dragging and dropping. When I mix up my characters’ last names – which I do sometimes because I’m accustomed to calling them by their first names – a quick look to the left, where I’ve cleverly written their full names, stops me from making a hideous gaffe.

Scrivener allowed me to become a plotter from a meandering pantser. I set a total word count, and set chapter-wise word counts; then, before I start on the draft, I write short descriptions for each chapter, keeping in mind plot points and pinch points – of course, I have to modify some of those once I start writing in earnest, but even that is easy as pie.

If I have to choose one thing that I like about Scrivener, I can’t – everything is very cool – I even learned how to compile the finished manuscript into a MOBI output suitable for Kindle and have been pleased as punch ever since.


No Escape from Love by Reet Singh cover

No Escape from Love

[ Contemporary Romance ]

Will the demons from their past tear them apart?

After personal tragedy strikes, Mohini Kapoor runs away from the city to her grandparents home in a village in Punjab. Though she manages to pick up the pieces of her broken self, and even builds a life for herself, the horror of her experience is difficult to forget. She buries it deep down inside her subconscious mind until the arrival of a stranger threatens to resurrect the old demons.

Reputed photojournalist, Aalok Ahuja, has to hide out for a few days to escape circumstances beyond his control. When his friend recommends Tejopur, a remote village in Punjab, Aalok expects life to be simple there and, perhaps, even boring – instead, his world is thrown into chaos by a woman more desirable, and vastly more complicated, than any he has ever known.

When their destinies collide, attraction flares, but secrets threaten their new found feelings.

Available in Ebook:

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