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February 2019 Topic: Hardest Character

CTR Asked:

Who was your hardest character to write? And why?

Authors Who Dished:

Megan Slayer
Helen Henderson
Marie Dry
Franny Armstrong
Ruth A. Casie
N.J. Walters
Cassandra Moore
Carol McKibben
Annie Hoff
Elizabeth Coldwell
Viviana MacKade
Madeleine McDonald
Shelly Gail Morris

February’s topic provided by Zenobia Renquist

Alien Mate Experiment by Zenobia Renquist cover

Alien Mate Experiment

[ Alien Abduction Romance ]

Semeera needs a plan for starting her life over. After divorcing a controlling husband, she’s ready to enjoy freedom at last. Too bad she gets abducted by aliens before she can decide her next move.

Captain Kader is an alien warrior trapped in a dead-end assignment where he will never see battle again. There are no more challenges to his life, no chances for glory. And then a dangerous experiment brings him an unexpected visitor who changes everything.

They are as different from each other as night and day, but those differences only entice Semeera and Kader into finding out just how physically compatible they are. What should have been a little fun causes the resurgence of a disease long thought extinguished.

If Semeera triggered it in Kader, will others succumb? And will the scientists be able to get past Kader to find out? Most importantly, can a beautiful black woman really love an alien male with scales, claws, and a tail?

Available in Ebook


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