All That Shatters by James Cox

ALL THAT SHATTERS Sons of Outlaws Book 5 JAMES COX ISBN# 9781773393001 June 2017 Evernight Publishing E-book $3.99 66 Pages Futuristic, Gay, Erotic, Interracial, Sci-Fi, MC Romance Rating: 4 Cups Elric is one of the last of the...


Lototy Hobbies: I guess you could say I’m a gym rat. I spend five nights a week after work going to the gym, but I don’t really consider it a hobby. I love to work out, and enjoy teaching there as well. So in my opinion, it’s just another part of my...


How do you rate this book?   The Gentlemen Brothers Series Book 1: Sex, Gunpowder, and Saving the Day SEX, GUNPOWDER, AND SAVING THE DAY The Gentlemen Brothers, Book 1 JAMES COX ISBN: 978-1-77233-810-2 April 13, 2016 Evernight Publishing

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