Renee is a fantasy fan of the highest degree. She loves cartoons, anime, manga, and movies. Her manga collection can rival most bookstores, her comic collection could sink a small ship and her book collection needs its own storage unit. And those are the physical books. The advent of ereaders and ebooks has made it easier to hide her collecting obsession, though her bank account knows the truth.

Everything is an inspiration for Renee. If you’re around her for too long, you (or part of your life) will end up in one of her books. She’s a fan of trying most everything once because the road to liking something means trying it first. That approach goes for her writing as well.

If it’s interesting, she’ll read it. If it’s entertaining, she’ll watch it. If it’s good, she’ll eat it. And if it makes a favorable lasting impression, she’ll do it all over again. Madness is her method and random chaos is merely her imagination at work.

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One Year Anniversary

Staffer for Two Years

Staffer for 3 years

Stolen by an Alien by Amanda Milo

Her Instruments (4 Book Series) by M.C.A. Hogarth

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