I’m Canadian born and bred, and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My first published work came back in 1984 in a fan fiction zine, and from there I spent almost twenty years learning and honing my presentation of a story. It was a great training ground! My life has had several on-going love affairs that shape much of what I write, the American West, Victorian England, cowboys, a passion for pirates, Greek Gods, and Ancient Egypt. The other endless love affair in my life is Italia and all its magic, beauty, and dazzling culture. That passion spills into all aspects of my life.

I read my first romance at the age of eleven, fell in love with the genre, and haven’t stopped reading since then. I loved them all, Harlequin was my introduction, as it was with many readers, and I still go back to them when I want something to escape with, my favourite line was always Presents, and I can’t get enough of them. Nocturne is also a passion with them.

My first major fantasy novel was AS FATE DECREES. (Available at bookstores everywhere, and on Amazon’s international sites, as well as eBook format, released in 2012) The novel relies heavily on Greek Mythology, and is set in Ancient Greece and modern Athens. If you enjoy a tale of Gods, Destiny, and the battles of an Eternal Champion, this is the book for you! Not surprisingly, there’s a touch of romance throughout, of course! A visit to my website will show the diversity of what is currently available, and the mixing of genres and styles that will be employed in many up-coming projects as well. The Italian influence is in evidence with several of the more important works, as many people already know. 2013 is going to be a year of many exciting new ventures, so it’s going to be a fun one!

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