Once upon a time a very shy ten-year- old little – actually not so little- would you believe tall, red-headed, skinny and knobby kneed young girl could be found turning off her alarm clock at 4:30 in the morning.  Since it was dark and she didn’ t want to wake her Mom and two little brothers, she would snuggle under the quilt on the couch with a flashlight and a book and read and read and read.

Well that young girl grew up.  She’s no longer shy because over twenty years as an officer in the Army changed all that.  She doesn’t have to worry about waking her little brothers because they’re 6’3’’ tall and have their own houses. All that other stuff has also gone by the wayside.  Years and gravity and good Southern cooking have taken care of every other one of those other little items.  That girl became determined to have her own library in her house.  She’s doing quite well actually because over 50 boxes of books were in the truck the last time she reluctantly moved.

As that young girl, I first found Science Fiction in my grade school library.  I went through all the “phases”; including Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Heinlein, historical novels, mysteries, and romances.  I also thought that I’d found “Hog Heaven” when some books showed up on the store shelves labeled “Futuristic Romance”.  Still, I returned to my favorite of all – Sci-Fi.

It’s hard to find my favorite reads in the store these days because Fantasy is so popular, but I look and look.  There have been some real gems.   I can be found regularly checking to see if the authors I enjoy so much have written a new book and if some enterprising soul is about to delight me with a new story.

There’s one thing in this world in my opinion that can’t be beat; it’s even better than chocolate.  That one thing that beats all is curling up with an afghan and an
exciting new book!

One Year Anniversary
Staffer for 6 Incredible Years!!!

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