Good morning, help me welcome Savannah Hendricks to CoffeeTime Romance. Savannah Hendricks is the author of Grounded in January

Kate Wilson hates to admit it, but she’s unhappy and can’t figure out why. Fearful of flying yet determined to find a reason for her unhappiness, she boards a flight headed for her Washington hometown.

Inn of the Woods owner and pilot, Oxnard Swanson struggles with accepting his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, realizing his dreams of marriage and a family might be over. Determined, he bides his time managing the inn, piloting his Cessna, and training his rescue dog Bayou.

Sparks quickly fly between Oxnard and Kate, when a snow storm forces her to find refuge at the Inn of the Woods. Maggie, a wise guest, suggest the couple step outside, where the magic of the snow offers answers to their search for happiness and a second chance at love.

Kate and Oxnard find love is like a snowflake, a unique and beautiful reminder of life’s continuation, as each snowflake melts into the eternal hope of spring.

Could you please tell us about yourself?

Thank you for having me! I work full-time as a medical social worker. I love writing, and as an author, I’m able to escape the work-world over the weekend by writing stories. I’m a certified home-body, so spending the weekend hidden away writing gives me the energy I need come Monday morning. Growing up, I was an only child, and my mom passed away when I was fifteen years old; she had multiple sclerosis. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I live in Arizona, but was raised in California and Washington.

Can you please tell us about Grounded in January and also your picture book?

Grounded in January is my first adult novel, and I loved writing the story of Ox and Kate. It’s a sweet romance story (so think Hallmark clean) about Ox, who has multiple sclerosis and Kate who hates flying, but is looking to find purpose in her life. The story has the most fun-loving lab, Bayou, and takes place during several snowstorms in January. Plus there is an original recipe included!

My first published book was in children’s literature, a picture book titled, Nonnie and I. The story is about the first day of school fears, set in Botswana. The story centers around a little girl who does not want to leave her best friend (a giraffe named Nonnie) to make new friends at school.

Do you have any upcoming releases?

By the end of the summer, I’ll have two more picture books released. Winston Versus the Snow is a story about sensory processing issues, and The Book Who Lost its Title is about prepositional phrases.

When did you know what wanted to be a writer?

Incredibly late in life! I hated reading as a child, mostly because I couldn’t put two words, let alone two sentences together. But when I worked as a nanny for eight years, I started reading, a lot, and I loved it. After attending The Institute of Children’s Literature (via snail mail – that ages me!), my writing took off, and my love for it grew. If you asked me when I was twenty years old if I would be a writer, I’d laugh so hard I might fall off my chair.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to be outside with my dog or in my garden. I enjoy exploring nature. Reading is a passion as well, and I read picture books, middle grade, and adult fiction. If a book looks interesting, I’ll read it. I also love to bake and cook.

Do you have any tips for authors/ writers?

Don’t think your manuscript is amazing and send it out, have others critique it, let it sit, and read in the genre you write or want to write in. I could have received more acceptances when I started if I’d followed those rules. Don’t waste an opportunity to submit your most perfect manuscript. And pack your suitcase full of patience, because you’ll need it for the long journey you will travel. Tell your friends you are going on this journey and let them support you. The writing community can be a fabulous place to be.

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