Good morning, Lulu and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Please grab a seat in our cozy recliner, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, with some chewy chocolate chip cookies or brownies. The readers are very eager to learn more about Romance author Lulu Fairhazel, and her latest releases.

Lulu, why don’t we begin by discussing Book One, The Photographer’s Assistant, in the London Art World Series. Then perhaps, you could give us also some insight to Book Two, of the series, The Sculptor’s Model. The covers of the two books are very nice. We are eager to hear about this series.

Hi Cherokee! What a beautiful name, I may have to steal it for one of my heroines 😉

The Photographer’s Assistant (Book 1) is the love adventure between Ren and Hanna that’s set it the London art scene. Ren is a world-famous nude photographer and Hanna is an art student, and they need each other but for completely different reasons, some of which they don’t even know about until they meet! The Sculptor’s Model (Book 2) follows Bea and Mac who are seemingly very different people but who find love together after realizing they can both trust their hearts again. Bea is a sculptor who needs a model and she has to convince Mac that working with her could be fun and the answer to his problems.

I’m so happy you like my covers! I wanted to set the photographs in frames to add some drama and to get some continuity going for the series.

What made you decide to write this series?

I have a degree in History of Art and I love London so really, it was just meant to be! Combining two of the loves of my life felt natural, and it’s great fun thinking up different characters who can live (and love) there. Because the subject of art, as well as the dynamism and vibrancy of London, really lends itself to variety and imagination, there are endless possibilities of who my characters can be and what they can do. And how they can meet!

Do you find it difficult to come up with names for your characters, or are they relatively easy?

Naming my characters is part of the joy of writing. Sometimes it’s names of friends or people I like, and sometimes I think about how the name sounds. You can really get a feel for someone/thing by a name, right?! Think about how long parents spend on naming – it really matters! My babies’ names have as much to do with the feel and sound of the words as the connection they have to my life. They should roll off the tongue or get stuck somewhere in your teeth, depending on who the character is.

Do you have other works in progress that you are working on?

I’ve published Short Shivers, which is a collection of three erotic short stories based in an imaginary town in England called Roddington Spa. As the series progresses, readers will get to know a character in each sexy, paranormal story. These are fun, quick reads meant to draw you in and leave you breathless! Each story is stand-alone, and there will be more three-part installment books to come…watch this space…

How long does it take you to compose a book from start to finish?

It really depends on whether I’m writing a novel or collection of short stories. The novels take me a loooong time to write in comparison, but the short stories are just that – shorter! As snapshots of the character’s lives I don’t have to worry too much about creating a history or deep sense of character. I love writing novels though, but I’ll have to wait until I have some extra time for more of those!

Lulu, in your spare time, what do you do for relaxation?

Living in Dublin I can get to gigs and the city centre very fast, so when I’m not glued to my computer you’ll find me watching live music, in the cinema, sometimes in the theatre, and meeting friends. The Wicklow mountains are only half an hour from where I live so I’ll try to get up some hills for a hike and get away from the crazy for a day.

How would you describe your workplace?

Well, I work from home and nobody will ever accuse me of being a neat freak. Sadly. I missed that gene completely! I have a corner desk that used to have a surface…now it’s covered in books, papers, coffee cups and cats. My keyboard is under there somewhere too…

I enjoyed reading you lived in Ireland, and then would hop over and visit London. Two places I have always wanted to visit. If you were able to visit any other place in the world, where would you choose to visit?

Oh, let me know if you’re planning a trip! I’ll take you (and anyone reading this!) to some great music venues.
If I could travel anywhere it would be Costa Rica. I’ve been reading about retreats there and can just imagine how amazing that would be. Closer to home, I’d love to visit Edinburgh again. It’s got a vibe very like Dublin and is stunningly beautiful, not to mention I’d have the chance to go into the Highlands. I love places that have the city and the countryside close together, so escape is possible!

When choosing a book to read, what draws you to it, first? The cover, the synopsis, the author, or something else?

Synopsis. Then the cover. If a synopsis doesn’t catch me from the first sentence, then it’s not happening. I know how hard and frustrating it is to think up something for my potential readers to catch them, so I appreciate an excellent hook!

What is your favorite food you could eat over and over again? What is your favorite dessert you could eat over and over?

I love this question! I’m a real foodie and love to cook. I love my boyfriend’s vegetarian chilli recipe and he makes a mean veggie cassoulet as well. I love home-made ramen which is actually very easy once you stock up on some Japanese essentials! Life-changer.

Dessert?… Um, I love ice cream. But not just for dessert! Surely ice cream is for any time of day?!

Who is your favorite author that you enjoy reading?

I’m re-reading Alex Bledsoe’s Tufa novels at the moment, who writes a contemporary fiction in a very likable and readable style. His characters are so real that I find myself dreaming about fairies afterwards!

I adore Trudi Canavan’s Traitor Spy trilogy, in particular the love story in the series (no spoilers here!). Just read it. Strong female lead, hunky yummy hero and bags of adventure and intrigue! A fantastic fantasy series.
At the moment I’ve just inhaled the contemporary romance ‘Enticed’ by Ginger Voight, book 1 of the Fullerton Family Saga. Literally in one sitting! I should have been working but it wasn’t optional, and I immediately downloaded book 2 afterwards. Funny, sexy and a tear-jerker…what more do you want from a novel?!

Is there anything that you would like to share with your readers?

Hi, readers! Just to let you know that when you download The Photographer’s Assistant you’ll get a freebie by signing up to my mailing list. It’s Ren’s exhibition catalogue for the show he puts on with Hanna. Also, if you want to say hi back, or send me something, or ask a question, you can email me:

Thank you, LuLu for being with us today. We hope to see lots more of your stories in the future.

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