Good morning, Kim and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Please grab a seat in our cozy recliner, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, with some chewy chocolate chip cookies or brownies. The readers are very eager to learn more about Kim Knight, and her latest book, Lover’s Retreat. A Romance Set in Paradise Book #1.  

Kim, it is good to have you with us. I searched your website, and I must say, you are a very busy author. Do you ever take a breather to rest a spell and enjoy some kind of relaxation?  

Kim: Ah, the short answer is probably no! What can I say I enjoy writing and reading so much, it’s very much a part of me it never feels like hard work. It just comes naturally. But that said yes, a lot has happened this year so far for me writing wise. I’ve started to write my Romance Set in Paradise Series, released one anthology of short stories as a co-author with the suspense author from the USA, Didi Oviatt. I’m working on the third novella of my Romance Set in Paradise series, as well as another volume of anthologies with Didi. To add to that, I landed a job as an editor of a brand-new magazine in August! And somewhere in between all that I’m a mum too. It never ends, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Most evenings I’m behind the laptop into the early hours of the morning when the house is quiet. When I do relax, I normally read, draw, listen to music, go for a walk in the local park I love it there. 

The readers are anxious to hear about your Paradise series.  Could you share some insight for us today?  

Kim: Sure, the Romance Set in Paradise Series is a set of stand-alone novella stories. All featuring strong modern women and of course Mr. Talk Dark and Handsome. The character line up is always diverse. You’ll find every race under the sun in my stories, that’s what I pride myself on as a writer, I try to reflect the society we live in. Not all characters are straight either I keep it pretty real.

The stories are steamy, romantic, some a little suspenseful and I hope enjoyable. The characters often face real life issues before they reach their HEA. I don’t tend to write straight forward sweet and wholesome boy and girl meet, fall in love and run off in the sunset to a happy life type stories. I like to bring the drama with the romance. My characters also do a little more than hold hands and walk in the park, if you know what I mean. The stories are a little steamy to a certain extent. 

The location of each story is set in an exotic/paradise place around the world, from Havana, Cuba (Havana Heat), Sri Lanka (Lover’s Retreat) and the one I am working on now will be set on a Greek island. (Once bitten, Twice Shy). I can’t believe I just gave you the name of it, I was trying to keep it under my hat. So that’s the theme of the series. Right now, I’ve decided to keep book #1 Havana Heat as always free to download on Amazon you can grab a copy here. 

Free Download of Havana Heat. 

The story is more lustful and fast paced. The second story Lover’s Retreat more of a true slow burner romance. 

What made you choose this genre for the Paradise series?  

Kim: Erm, I guess the question is why not? Who doesn’t love to escape to an exotic place once in a while? If you can’t afford to grab one of my romance books and escape. No seriously, the idea came to me as I had a few novella ideas I wanted to write, I decided to turn the story ideas into a series. The issue for me was they were all random stand-alone ideas, I wanted them to somehow link. I decided to make the exotic locations the link, but with stand-alone stories in paradise places. 

Did it take you long to choose the characters that you wished to portray in this series?   

Kim: Not at all, I think for me as a writer characters fall out of me. Each story has a different character I created. 

Do you have other works in progress that you are working on? 

Kim: Yes two, I’m writing the third in the series of Romance Set in Paradise. Also, the second anthology of suspense short stories with Didi Oviatt. 

Kim, what kind of inspiration helps you while writing your stories, like candles, or music?  

Kim: Music is a big one to help me get in the mood for a marathon session of writing, I can’t really write without it. I am a big music fan. It really helps to focus me, sometimes I’ll play classical piano and jazz to really focus this kind of music helps with that. Or sometimes it will be old skool hip hop, 50s-80s stuff depends on my mood.

The actual inspiration while I write is life, what we go through as women, it’s ups and downs. 

How would you describe your workplace? 

Kim: At the moment, my glass table by a large window at home.  On my table, I always have a vase of flowers, some fashion magazines, writing materials, and the radio of course. 

When composing your stories, do you start with an outline, or rather, work on the beginning, middle or end first?  

Kim: I’m a bit of a plotter, I like to draw up a really rough outline of the story nothing too tight, then the key parts where the drama will be. Once I have this I draw up my characters, then start to write. 

If you could spend a week-long vacation, where would your ideal fantasy destination place take you? 

Kim: Wow what a question. *thinks hard*, probably somewhere really hot maybe the Caribbean as it’s now changing season in the UK, the weather is getting chilly. Or even Sri Lanka, when I wrote Lover’s Retreat from the research I did it looks like stunning part of the world. That said, I love fun lively places too, I had a ball in Las Vegas I’d love to go back, and one day I have to see New York and LA. 

What is your all-time favorite food you could eat over and over again? 

Kim:  This is a hard one to narrow down I love food. *thinks hard again. * Cheese cake, apple crumble and custard. Jacket potatoes with Tuna mayo and Sweet corn, salad and a side of ribs. Heaven. 

Growing up, what did you like to read, and who was your favorable author? 

Kim: Did I like to read?? Jez that’s all I did growing up and that’s all I really do now, I don’t watch the TV. I listen to the news and that’s it. When my last TV at home broke, I replaced it with a much smaller one just for my son. Before I became a published author, I spent almost five years running a book club here in London. I stopped as I had to make time to write, when I scored my first publishing deal. I read still not as much as I did, now I may average just one a month. It is very important to read as a writer. 

My favouite author is the reason I write today, and the reason I write the genre I do. My first ever romantic suspense I read I was probably in my very early twenties or late teens. It was Deadly Embrace by Jackie Collins, it was a page turner and then some! I read it and thought wow this story is amazing who is this woman? Then I read everything of hers I could, starting with the whole Lucky series. I have all her books proudly on my bookstand. More than ten years later I’m a romantic suspense author, putting my own diverse spin on romance. I’m just gutted I never got to attend a book signing before she died. 

Is there anything that you would like to share with your readers? 

Kim: Yes, thank you for reading! You can connect with me below, and also take a look at the magazine I’m working on building too. The magazine is not a gossip mag, here is a bit about it: 

Conscious Talk Magazine will launch its first online edition in August 2017, (we aim to become a print version magazine also). Conscious Talk Magazine is a proud online multi-cultural and diverse global magazine, covering a range of topics. There is something for everyone. Readers will find interesting thought provoking articles, from health and wellbeing, fashion and beauty, bookish news and reviews, sex and relationships, men’s issues, finance, travel, international news, music, LGBT, film and entertainment to name just a few. We have a team of talented and diverse writers from all corners of the globe, and walks of life, here to entertain, support and empower our reader’s mind, body and soul. Conscious Talk Magazine is neutral and does not lean to one side politically, religiously or socially.  Conscious Talk Magazine is published twice a month on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Connect With Kim: 

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Thank you, Kim for being with us today. We hope to see lots more of your stories in the future.

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