Please welcome author Kerry Adrienne, the author of multiple paranormal romance books and one of my favorite authors!

What inspired you to write the Shifter Wars Series that Claiming His Lioness is a part of?

I wanted to showcase (based on current world events) that sometimes there are two sides to war—and neither are evil or “bad”, just different (Perhaps opposing viewpoints due to cultural, religious, or other reasons). Of course, there are wars where it’s more clearcut “good vs evil”, like a war to end genocide or stop a tyrant. But not all wars are like that and in many cases, communication and coming together over a common cause can heal these situations. Deep Creek is a place where the lions and bears have to overcome their differences and prejudices to work together, or risk losing everything.

Did you do any particular kind of research for Claiming His Lioness?  If yes, what kind and what was most enjoyable about it?

I had to research the details of running pipeline across National Parks. At first, I couldn’t believe what I read—I mean, it seems obvious (to me, at least) that it’s a bad idea in general, if only for the potential environmental impacts and the fact that the parks were created to parse off unadulterated lands for preservation. I always enjoy researching, but I will admit that I learned a lot about the process—which I really knew zero about before.

What do you like most about lions and why did you choose the lion for your shifter’s animal in Claiming His Lioness?

I’d always heard about the mythos surrounding melanistic mountain lions (black ones) and thought they were interesting. Their rarity (and existence?) made them perfect candidates. I love cats, so big cats were an extension of that.

Are you having any events to celebrate the release of this fourth book in your Shifter Wars series that we can share with our readers? 

We had a great release-day celebration with lots of blogs showcasing excerpts and tidbits from the series.

If you could change one thing about the process of writing Claiming His Lioness, what would it be and why?

I’m always in search of ways to use my time better. I’m not talking about just writing more words per hour, but how to get into that place in writing where time falls away and I’m absorbed in the story rather than worrying about “time to make dinner” or “doctor’s appointment”.

What was your favorite part of the process of writing Claiming His Lioness, and why was it your favorite part?

Honestly, going through edits was wonderful. My draft had a disconnect to it and I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. My editor at Carina spotted it and pointed it out, along with questions and suggestions that instantly rang true. Reassembling the story became fun because it turned into what it was supposed to be the first time.

Who would you choose to play Lara and Mason if your book was made into a movie?

Oh, that is a difficult one! Lara: Evangeline Lilly. Mason: Johnny Depp.

How was your trip to Paris, and can you share with our readers a few details about your new series? Inquiring minds want to know!

Paris was wonderful! I’ve been a few times but this was my first trip alone. I stayed in the middle of the St Germain des Pres area—walking distance from everything, almost. I learned a valuable travel tip: get out and walk and don’t make a lot of plans. I discovered so many things that I would have missed if I had been the tourist that I usually am. I don’t think I will ever travel the same again. I will make fewer plans and do more exploring. The series I researched and am working on is based on a vampire clan in Paris. They’ve been there a long time and now there’s a threat they haven’t faced in a millennium—and of course there is romance, too. Lots of monsters and vampires and love.

Finally, if you had to choose, coffee or chocolate?

Is that even a question? I could not exist without the reward of chocolate! It’s one reason I love Paris!

Thank you so much for visiting with us today, Kerry! It was delightful to learn more about you and your new book Claiming His Lioness. I look forward to more books in this series in the future. 

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