Good morning, help me welcome Kelli A. Wilkins to CoffeeTime Romance. Kelli is the author of the contemporary romance series Cupid’s Schemes. She also writes historical, fantasy, gay, and paranormal romances.

Can you tell us about your series?

Sure! Cupid’s Schemes is a two-part series of contemporary mini-romances. Here are the book blurbs:

Cupid’s Schemes – Volume 1

A Collection of Sweet Romances

In these 16 flash fiction vignettes, Cupid’s arrow hits the mark and ignites a spark between two strangers—whether or not they’re looking for romance. Their unusual meetings lead to new beginnings and new chances at love.

Sweet stories of couples falling under Cupid’s spell include:

  • a Medieval knight courting a pretty lady
  • two neighbors discover that romance can happen when you least expect it
  • a dehydrated mermaid rescued by a handsome stranger

These lighthearted mini-romances are perfect reads for a quick lunchtime escape or an after-work indulgence.

Available here:

AmazonAll Other Platforms

And don’t miss Cupid’s Schemes – Volume 2

Another Collection of Sweet Romances

In these 12 mini-romances…

* a photographer falls for a sexy cowboy in a supposedly abandoned ghost town
* new neighbors discover that romance can happen when you least expect it
* a long-lost love returns in an unexpected setting

Order Cupid’s Schemes: Volume 2 here:

Amazon | All other platforms

I understand this series is new for you compared to your other books as they are novellas. Can you explain more?

I’ve written full-length romance novels and novellas in all genres, but these books are a bit different, even for me. Both volumes contain a dozen or more sweet romances where the characters meet under unusual circumstances and develop an intense connection. And that’s where I leave them—at the start of their relationship. Why?

I wanted to show how two people meet, feel a spark of romance, and then leave the rest of the story up to the reader’s imagination. What happens next is up to you. I end each story with the characters in good places and the potential to have a happy-ever-after ending with their new love interest. These feel-good stories are perfect for a boost of romance whenever or wherever you need it.

The settings vary from New Year’s Eve parties to snowstorms, summer picnics, and even a haunted corn maze. I grouped the stories by season, so as you read through each book, you’ll be following the calendar year.

And believe it or not, some of these settings and “first meets” were inspired by true stories people have told me over the years.

You wrote two online writing courses, Fiction Writing for Beginners and Fiction Basics: Finding Ideas. Can you tell people how to find your courses and how they can help?

I get asked writing-related questions all the time (How do I get published? How do I start writing? Why is point-of-view important?) so I decided to do an online course that covers everything I’ve learned over the years. Fiction Writing for Beginners is designed for anyone who is interested in writing and needs practical advice on how to get started, plus motivation and encouragement to keep writing.

Thirteen easy-to-follow classes cover the writing process from start to finish. You’ll learn the 5 Ws of writing, how to create characters, get expert tips on writing your story, and find out how to submit it for publication. Everything you need to know to start writing is wrapped up in this comprehensive and fun course. 

My new online course, Fiction Basics: Finding Ideas is perfect for anyone who needs help coming up with ideas for a novel or a short story.

One of the most common questions authors are always asked is: “Where do you get your ideas?” Well, this mini-course will show you where and how to find interesting ideas for your story, no matter what genre you write. Short writing exercises and helpful tips highlight the material and get you writing.

Readers and writers can learn more about each course and enroll here

If you weren’t writing romance, what would you be writing?

Believe it or not, horror stories. I started out writing horror, and I still do! I like writing in different genres because I get to explore different characters, plots, and settings in a horror story that I could never do in a romance. I published a new horror novella, Nightmare in the North, last year, and I’m working on a few more.

How important is the beginning chapter – the opening – the first few lines?

Absolutely critical. The first few lines, paragraphs, and even the first page are what set the tone, the setting, and the overall basis for the story. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a horror short story or a romance novel, the opening has to catch the reader’s attention and pull him or her into the story. If you don’t start off with something interesting (a hook) the reader won’t want to keep reading.

When you write, is atmosphere important? For example, do you use mood music or candles? Do you need complete quiet to concentrate?

I play music all the time when I’m writing. If I’m outlining, writing, or revising, I listen to upbeat music (rock and pop from all eras). If I’m proofreading, I listen to New Age or instrumental music. I don’t get distracted by music. In fact, I find that if I have complete silence, it actually makes writing harder.

Are you working on any other projects now? Can you give us any “brief peeks” of them?

I’m working on several projects for 2019. This spring I’ll start re-releasing my three historical romance novels that were previously published by Medallion Press. I’ve also written a non-fiction guide to romance, and I’m outlining a few other new romances (gay, contemporary, and paranormal). I’m also toying with ideas for more horror stories, and another online writing class. Stay tuned to my blog and social media for updates as they become available.

Where can we follow you?

Here’s a list of where you can find me online.

Website | Blog | Amazon Author Page | Twitter | Facebook Author Page | Facebook Historical Romances | Facebook Contemporary Romances | Facebook Gay Romances | FREE READS | Instagram | Bookbub | Books2Read | Pinterest | Shutterstock | iStock | Newsletter sign-up | Teachable Online Writing Courses

Thank you for visiting us today and answering questions for everyone to get to know you. Do you have any last words you would like to share?

I hope your readers will check out my romances. I have something for everyone: Gothic historicals, super-hot historical/fantasy, sensual gay romances, and unusual paranormal love stories.

I welcome questions and comments from readers and writers. Feel free to write me via social media, or through the address on the News page on my website.


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