Good morning, Julie Lence, and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Julie, the readers are very eager to hear about the story that you have written. Please pull up a chair and have some hot coffee and warm chocolate chip cookies, as the readers eagerly learn about western romance author, Julie Lence.

Why not tell us how your day begins? 

After the hubby leaves for, I feed the dog, cook breakfast for the kiddo and get him off to classes. Once the house is quiet, I spend about an hour on social media and answering emails. I also manage a group blog, Cowboy Kisses, which is 15 western romance authors who blog once a month on their scheduled date about something western related. Cowboy Kisses also has a Facebook page that I manage. After that, I dive into my current WIP.

I enjoyed reading and searching your website, the way you tell your stories, one can tell you put real feeling into them. And the covers very beautiful; Slade Barlow sounds yummy. Can you tell us a bit more about the book and the characters? 

Slade grew up in a brothel with his 2 step brothers. His mother was the madam who didn’t really bother with her sons unless it was to scold them. As a child, he couldn’t wait to leave the bordello and have his own home. But with little money, young and somewhat naïve, it wasn’t long before he fell in with a band of outlaws and made a name for himself stealing from silver mines and cheating at poker. He saved what money he could, always eyeing the prize of his own home. Then one night his winnings were stolen from him. The culprits blamed another outlaw and Slade went searching for Roth, and for his money. The only way to draw out Roth was threaten Roth’s wife. Slade’s story begins with Slade needing a place to lay low until Roth’s temper cools. Another outlaw brings him to Jill’s run-down farm. The deal is in exchange for a place to hide, Slade will help with chores. What Slade doesn’t count on is the way Jill pulls at his heartstrings.

Ever since her pa died, Jill is having a rough time keeping up on chores. Her sister won’t help with feeding the cows and mending a roof; Camille deems that as man’s work. And ma can’t, because her joints bother her. To add to her worries, the farm is in need of dire repair, and Jill doesn’t have the funds to pay for the repairs. She’s already in debt to the mercantile. Adding to those troubles is an unwanted fiancée and family friend, Sheriff Grayson, bringing his prisoners to the farm. They’re supposed to help with the chores in exchange for food and a bed, but most of them run away. Slade is the latest prisoner to be brought to the farm and Jill is certain he’ll run for Mexico the first chance he gets. What she isn’t certain of is her attraction to Slade. She never bothers with men, or they her. Until now.

What led you to compose this book? Was it something that you had always wanted to compose? 

Slade made his first appearance as the villain in Be Mine, Valentine. I had no intention of giving him his own story until a fan asked for it. Her request got me to thinking, and before I knew, his background, goals and future came to mind. Creating Jill was a bit harder. She wouldn’t talk to me for a long time, but once she did, and once I figured out what she really needed, the bulk of the story began to fall into place.

If your books were to be made in any movies, do you have an idea of who you would like staring in them? 

I have been asked this question a few times and the answer is always No. There really isn’t one male actor today that I’m nuts over and can see playing any of my heroes. Now, if John Wayne were still alive and young, that would be a different story. The same applies to my heroines. For me, I’d have to be in the casting room of unknown names and faces and go from there.

When creating your stories, do you normally close other things out and solely consecrate on the book until completely finished?

Yes and no. I can only work on one story at a time. From beginning to end, as many drafts and edits as it takes, I stick with that WIP. But family comes first. Depending on what comes up, there may be a week or two when I’m taking care of family matters and not working on the story.  The only other things I will work on while writing is helping the Cowboy Kisses authors with the blog, guesting on other blogs, and interview questions for a site, such as Coffee Time Romance.

Can you tell the readers what other things that you might be working on? 

Currently, I’m working on a short story tentatively titled, A Summer to Remember. For those who may be familiar with my Weston Family Series, this story features Ryan and Amy Jansen in the lead roles. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I like to read, explore the Rocky Mountains and spend time with my family.

Can you give the readers five words that describe you?

Honest, loyal, mom, a neat freak, detail-oriented

Is there a certain food or dessert that you get a craving for? 

Every now and then I have a craving for a rich piece of chocolate cake or a raspberry filled donut.

If you could choose spending time on a quiet beach, or in the mountains what would you choose?

The mountains. I do like the beach, but after a few minutes in the sun, I’m ready to leave. Give me a cabin and a thunderstorm rolling past and I’m content. 

Is there anything that you would like to leave with your readers? 

First, Thank You to Coffee Time Romance for having me as your guest. It is always a pleasure to stop by and visit with you. And Thank You to the readers who took time from their day to read this and get to know me better. I always enjoy connecting with fans of the romance genre, especially those who like a hunky cowboy. I can be found here:



Twitter: @julielence

Thank you, Julie for being with us today. It has been a delight spending time with you. 

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