Welcome, today we are talking with Janice Seagraves! I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to answer a few questions.

Thank you. I’m glad to be here.

Can you share a little something about Janice Seagraves that’s not mentioned in your bio on your website? 

Sure. I was born, raised and still live in a small town in California. Most of my stories have something to do with California. After all, I am a California gal.

What is your favorite:

Animal—a horse of course (not that I’ve ever owned one). My faithful companion is a twelve-year-old Pomeranian named Dinky. 

Food—Chocolate. *drool* I’m sorry, is that not food? 

Movie—Action adventures like Indiana Jones (the first three), Blade (all three), Lord of the Rings (all three), The Hobbit (all three), Starwars (all of them), Star trek (most of the franchise), Spiderman (Toby Maguire), Superman (most of them), Batman (Michael Keaton), Thor (with the swoon worthy Chris Helmworth *drool*), Wolverine (nice butt), Ironman, and The Avengers. 

TV show—most of the home improvement shows, like Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, and Tiny House. I used to watch this old house until it got old. (Pun intended. ?) 

Actor—Huge Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Pierce Brosnan, Bea Arthur, Scarlett Johansson, and Keira Knightley to name a few.

Singer—ugh, is it bad that I don’t have one?

Author—that’s easy, Jim Butcher, P.C. Hodgell, Lex Valentine, and Rachel Leigh Smith.

What are your pet peeves? 

People who don’t read. Actually, as a published author that is my worst nightmare. How can anyone not read?

Who is your hero? 

My Mom. She is fighting breast cancer right now and she is so brave.

Give us one thing on your bucket list. 

To go to Seagrave England and walk the streets and just take everything in. This is the town where my family got our last name a long-long time ago.

What would readers find surprising about you? 

That I have a sense of humor that translates well to the written page. My husband calls my humor my one liners. He says he thinks of them at work and chuckles to himself. I like to think my humor is a little more than a one liner, though.

If you could go to heaven, who would you visit? 

My Dad. I’d like to tell him about his grandchildren and his greatgrandchildren.

Any bad habits? 

Oh, um…. let see, I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, I don’t drink much (seriously it’s like one glass a year. Two at the most.). I also don’t cuss… okay, you may be see something in my stories… um, that might… look like cussing, but honestly, it’s nothing.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you? 

Interesting that you should ask. While on vacation two years ago, I was taking a photo and a wave swamped my shoes. My husband took me to a store to get a pair of sandals, so I’d have something to wear until my shoes dried. After I found a pair of sandals that fit, I was heading over, in bare feet, to the cashier to pay for them, and my husband asked if I wanted a pair of socks. I told him in no uncertain terms, “I am not going to wear socks with sandals.” Then I was startled by everyone in the store laughing. Oh gees, did I say that too loud? I must not have used my indoor voice. 

Now that our readers know a little bit more about Janice Seagraves, let’s get down to the business of your book, Alien Heart: Chronicles of Arcon Book 1. How long did it take you from beginning to end before your novel was completely finished, and how did you decide on the topic and title? 

I had the rough draft written in three months, but then it took another two years to revise and polish it.  

The title came about because I was naming my manuscripts with a heart. And so far, Alien heart is the only surviving book title with heart in it.  

I also took a couple of road trips to decide where my alien’s compound is located. I decided it was just above Huntington Lake right here in California at a defunct ski lodge. Not that there is a defunct ski lodge there, I made that part up.  

The book idea came to me while I was watching a rerun of Home Improvement. I like to watch home improvement shows. Even the parodies. 

As for the topic, it’s all about the ifs. 

What would happen if the host of a TV show, say the Miz Fixit show, had aliens in the audience and what if those aliens had a date setup with her through her overly enthusiastic agent? What if after a wonderfully passionate night with one of the lonely aliens, he decided they were mated and…what if… 

And then, after a final read through, I took a deep breath and submitted it. That’s always the hardest part… 

Please tell us a little bit about Alien Heart.

What was your hardest challenge writing this book? 

Getting inside the head of my aliens. Wow, was that ever hard! I wrote a miniseries: Exodus Arcon 1-3 just to help me understand what makes them tick. It probably was overkill, but once I started writing one idea led to another until I had three books. 

Keefe is stubborn and goal oriented. Blade is tough, protective, and sarcastic. But both look after their little brother, Paz. That’s the glue that binds them together. Oh, did I forget to mention that they’re brothers?

What in your opinion makes good chemistry between your leading characters? 

My aliens are not only handsome and incredibly sexy, but they also smell amazing. Keefe’s scent is vanilla and Blade smells like cinnamon and their kisses even taste like it too. Their natural aroma caries pheromones and arouses Audrey until she can’t get enough.  

I understand there will be three books in the prelude miniseries. Can you give us a little insight on what readers can expect from the other two? 

I’m so glad you asked.  

Exodus Arcon One: starts off with the Arcons just getting ready to leave their home planet and start the trip to Earth, which will take thirty years to complete. They will be in hibernation chambers for the duration. The politicians, engineers, and scientist, all get to go, but everyone else must take their chances with the lottery. But one family cheats. (hint: guess which family.) 

Exodus Arcon Two: the Arcons wakeup from hibernation and find themselves in Earth’s solar system, but something is dreadful wrong. Keefe and Blade as well the rest of the Arcons will have to learn to cope. 

Exodus Arcon Three: Blade is Dr. Laski’s bodyguard as Dr. Laski is rushed down to Earth after the first Arcon diplomats sent to Earth faint on the tarmac. But he discovers something far, far worse…and it takes all of Dr. Laski’s skills and the help from Blade, and Earth’s female doctor Dr. Hope to find a solution.  

Any other works in progress? 

Yes, as of this writing I’m finalizing the fourth book in my Matrix Crystal Series: Matrix Crystal Rebels. It should be published by the time this interview is posted.

Any advice for aspiring authors? 

Yes, never, ever give up.  

It took me ten years from just learning to put a sentence together until I was a publisher author.  

It takes as long as it takes.  

I was going to be ten years older anyway. *shrug*  

Just don’t let the process or the time it takes discourage you. You will get there if you never, ever give up.

Final words? 

Yes, please lookup my books.

I write in a variety of romance genres, so one of my books might appeal to you. ?

Please include the following links:

Website:   https://janice-seagraves.org/

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Janice-Seagraves-Author-117551164948239/

Email:  janiceseagraves@yahoo.com

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