First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to answer a few questions. I understand you were contacted by Beachwalk Press for book 5 in my Sins of the Virtuous series. Congratulations.

Can you give us any “brief peek” of it?

I can !  It was released a few weeks ago.  Book 5 is titled Wrath & Mercy and it explores the journey of Finley and Elina, lovers torn apart by smuggling, murder and one of them being forced to move to Australia.  When they are finally reunited, they come under threat by an opium addict who will stop at nothing until she gets the black opals she believes Finley and Elina are hiding.  The characters are forced on a heart wrenching, passionate journey, each wondering if they will ever be able to trust, or love, each other again.

Can you tell us about your story Apathy & Vigor the 4th book in the Sins of Virtuous series?

I love this book so much!  It ended up being my own take on a Beauty and the Beast kind of tale.  The hero, Tristen, is left badly scarred in a fire and becomes a virtual hermit after Amalie refuses to see him again, blaming him for the death of her brother in the fire.  Amalie is a very strong willed heroine, trying desperately to find the truth behind her brother’s death.  When she is caught fleeing the scene of a murder, and forced back into Tristen’s life to search for property papers,  she uncovers secrets that might finally explain who lit the fire that changed bother hers and Tristen’s life forever.

Do you ever find yourself dragging your family and friends into your stories? And, if so, do they recognize themselves?

I tend more to drag past ancestors and the stories I’ve been told about them into my stories rather than current family.  That said, certain traits of my wonderful husband makes it into most of the hero’s in my stories.

How long did it take you to get your first book published?

Only a few months, but the company went broke after about a year and I was then left searching for another publisher or several years.

Do you have a strict writing schedule?

Due to my large family and our commitments, I just write when I can.  Late nights and early mornings are usually my only available time to write.

Do you usually outline your stories before you write them?

I try to start with an outline of what I think might make a good story, but usually a few pages in the plan goes to hell and I just wing it from there on.

Who or what inspired you to become a writer?

My parents.  From an early age I used to love telling them stories and listening to the ones they would tell me about our family when they moved to Australia.  Both my parents encouraged me to make my own stories, or at the very least write down the ones they told me.

Who are some of your favorite authors?  What, if any, influence have these authors had on your writing?

My all time favorite romance author is Amanda Quick, but I also grew up enjoying Agatha Christie.  I like to think both these women inspired me to write the romantic, mystery filled stories I do.

On a more personal level, do you do something special when you complete a book as a celebration?

A few glasses of wine with my hubby.  I also try to just give me a few days to relax and do something other than writing before I start another story.

You have several books out now, which one was the hardest to write for you?

Avarice and Charity was very hard for me due to the underlying subject of abortion mentioned in the book.  A lot of research went into the ways such things were handled in the 1800s, but the hardest part was writing the birthing scene about half way into the story.  I’ve birthed 5 babies myself, but writing it was an entirely different experience to say the least.

Is there a question you wish readers or interviewers would ask more?

Probably why I write about a part of Australia few even know exist.  The answer is very simple though – it’s where I was born.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where you were born, do you have any kids, a hubby, a dog or cat or snake or a bird?

I was born in North Queensland, Australia into a sugarcane farming family.  I’m married to a wonderful man and between us we have 9 children and 2 geese.

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