Welcome, today we are talking with BSM Stoneking! I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to answer a few questions.

First, I think it’s important for readers to get a little insight on an author that they don’t necessarily get from your professional bio. You’d be surprised at what readers connect to, and sometimes the simplest ‘I can relate to that’ grabs their interest where nothing else can.

Can you share a little something about BSM Stoneking that’s not mentioned in your bio on your website?

 What is your favorite: 

 Animal – Gorilla

Food – Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (but it has to be green mint with shredded chocolate chips)

Movie – The Goonies and The Wizard of Oz

TV show – Ink Master and Once Upon A Time

Actor – Robin Williams

Singer – Lzzy Hale

Author – Charlaine Harris

 What are your pet peeves?

  • People who clip their nails in public
  • Some gas stations have a single gas pump that offers regular, premium, or diesel. As a diesel owner it drives me CRAZY when someone uses that pump for gas when all the other gas pumps, which don’t offer diesel, are still open. Oh, and when they leave their car at that same pump after it has finished filling up to go inside the store and take their sweet time buying whatever it is those diesel pump blockers like to buy. (Yeah, I may have gotten a little feisty as I typed out that pet peeve, LOL.)
  • As a big animal lover, I also have a huge pet peeve with people getting a pet they know they can’t keep. Those pour four-legged babies don’t understand bouncing homes and being treated like expendable change.

 Who is your hero?

My husband is my hero. He’s the most amazing person I know! He has a big heart and he always finds ways to help people.

Give us one thing on your bucket list.

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. 

What would readers find surprising about you?

I ride a 2002 Honda Repsol CBR 1000RR.

If you could go to heaven, who would you visit?

My mom. She passed away 2 years ago this month, and I miss her more than words can say.

Any bad habits that you want to confess?

I spend too much time on Facebook which interferes with my writing progress, but I am getting better about cutting down how often I get on. 

Now that our readers know a little bit more about BSM Stoneking, let’s get down to the business of your BDSM best seller, Capture’s Temperance.

How long did it take you from beginning to end before your novel was completely finished, and how did you decide on the topic and title?

Coincidently, I write down the date and time every time I sit down to work on my novel. I can give you an exact start and end date, as well as how many hours it took me to write Capture’s Temperance.

I began writing this book on May 13, 2013 and I finished it on February 22, 2016. This includes the time I spent editing. I have a total of 406 hours and 35 minutes dedicated to writing Capture’s Temperance. It did take me longer to write this book than some of my others because I was also writing the second book to my series, The Vampires Ange De La Mort.

Capture’s Temperance is based off of a movie my main character is staring in, in the second Ange De La Mort book. I had to bounce back and forth between the two books so I could include parts of Capture’s Temperance in The Vampires Ange De La Mort – Meet The Parents.

I decided on writing a BDSM romance, because I wanted to give a little insight to the lifestyle from a beginner’s point of view. Capture’s Temperance includes one of the reasons some people get into the lifestyle. Personally being in the lifestyle, I was able to include a little detail and reasoning behind sub drop, as well as after care, and some fun things you can experiment with, without the book being a how-to manual.

I decided on titling it Capture’s Temperance because without reading the back of the book the title is weird which makes it unique. I like weird 🙂 

This next question is for those of us who may need a little education in BDSM, like yours truly. What exactly is BDSM?

BDSM stands for Bondage, Dominance, Discipline, Submissive/Submission, Slave Sadism, Master, and Masochism. I could go on for days about each one of these, but let me tell you what BDSM means to me personally. It’s an alternative lifestyle not just for sexual pleasure. My husband and I got into it because we’ve been together since we were sixteen and were looking for a new way to spice things up in the bedroom. Along the way it created a new bond between us and I discovered it is a good outlet to fighting anxiety, depression, stress, and inner demons. Even though they say, write what you know, I unintentionally put a lot of myself in Temperance. Just like her, I find pleasure in pain, and orgasm denial is the best punishment for me. It’s for those reasons, among many others, I can safely say BDSM is not for everyone. I can’t deny getting into it has really spiked a great sex life for my husband and me. And the orgasms are more intense than any other! 

After noticing your disclaimer on Amazon, and if you don’t mind my asking, what’s RACK edge play?

RACK stands for Risk Awareness Consensual Kink. Temperance likes to be whipped and flogged to the point of bleeding. She’s a true masochist. Torture and pain are not the best punishment for her, and it’s important that the readers know, she has the option to use her safe word at any point. Being whipped to the point of bleeding is one of the things known as edge play. It is risky, but the sub is aware of it and that kind of kink is consensual. 

I actually knew an author who visited some BDSM clubs for her research. So, what kind of research do you do? Don’t be shy. You can tell readers if it’s mainly computer research or if it’s, um, hands-on?

The majority of my research was very much hands-on and I’m soooo not complaining about that *wink, wink*.

Thanks to writing Capture’s Temperance, I pushed my own limits with candle wax, extreme nipple clamps, the cane, and it gave us a reason to buy good inversion cuffs.

The book has also given me the courage to do live chats on Facebook in the SisterHood Hangout Group about BDSM for beginners as well as ways to spice up a relationship. You’re welcome to join me here every Tuesday night: www.bit.ly/SisterHoodHanout-fb

One part of my research I couldn’t physically learn about is what’s running through the mind of a male dom. For that research, I had the pleasure of interviewing multiple doms and a of couple masters. 

Can you tell us a little bit about Capture’s Temperance?

When someone asks me to tell them about Capture’s Temperance, I attempt to share a little bit about it without simply sharing the blurb to the book, so here it goes.

As you may have already read in my disclaimer, the book does contain trigger warnings. I’ve actually written the book so the details about which triggers the book contains can only be found in the back of the book. Most avid readers can understand what I mean when I say, I have a tendency to read ahead of my mind. I’ll see the words below the ones I’m reading and they register by the time I’ve reached that line in the book, causing spoilers for me. I personally don’t need or want a trigger warning, but they are very important for some people, so for those readers like me who read ahead of their mind, I’ve broken that spoiler by making it their choice to flip to the back of the book. I may have gotten a little side tracked on that side note, but I mention it because Temperance has been mentally destroyed by a haunting past and I put every dreadful detail of what happened to her in the book. She sees a psychiatrist who is willing to hypnotize her to forget her horrific memories, helping her move on with her life. Hypnotized, she’s finally able to get back to doing what she loves, singing. She joins an all-girl rock band and begins dating the brother of one of her bandmates. They have the perfect friends-with-benefits relationship until her friends take her to a BDSM club and she meets a dom named Capture. In the BDSM world, Temperance is known as a Brat, and Capture wants nothing more than to make her his, and tame that sassy southern mouth of hers. Temperance fights Capture’s advances in every way possible, but when her past comes back to haunt her, the hypnosis is broken and every memory comes crashing back into her mind, causing her to seek dangerous ways to escape reality. In a very unconventional way, Capture convinces Temperance to give him one night to prove all she needs to escape reality is him.

I deliberately wrote Capture not to be the perfect dom. A perfect dom does not exist in the real world and he can’t exist in my book. Capture may make mistakes, but with each error he realizes it and does what he needs to make it right. This book is far from a prince romancing his one true love. It contains heartbreak, longing, real life situations and ones that make you think, What if? It will make you cringe, cry, and possibly make you wet. Real love isn’t always found in a fairytale romance fashion, sometimes it’s found running from the one person who can save you from yourself.

What was your hardest challenge writing this book?

Aside from the struggle of writing this book at the same time I was trying to finish my vampire novel, writing this book wasn’t really a challenge. My biggest challenge came after the book was finished, convincing myself to hit that publish button. Not everyone understands BDSM and a lot of people don’t want to. They would prefer to slander it and look down on you for liking something that is abnormal. As if those people aren’t enough to discourage me from hitting that publish button, there are also people who think they truly know the ins and outs of the BDSM lifestyle when they don’t. I was belittled by the new editor I had hired for this book, telling me my book was trash, and that Capture and Temperance’s relationship isn’t how a real BDSM relationship would run. That hurt, because Temperance and Capture are me and my husband. My husband has saved me from myself and, although it may not be a typical BDSM relationship, I can testify that it is not the most “fked up” one out there. Why I let her rip me and my story apart, I have no idea. She’d never been in a BDSM relationship, she just knows a bunch of people who had.

A friend of mine, who happens to be in a Master slave relationship, put me back on track to hit publish. Without that encouragement, this book would have never seen the light of day. She reminded me absolutely no relationship is the same no matter if you’re in a BDSM relationship, a vanilla monogamous one, lesbian, gay, polygamist, whatever your choice may be, none of them live their life in the same way, and no one has any right to judge me for the way I live mine. I repeated to myself “no relationship is the same” as I hit the publish button.

What in your opinion makes good chemistry between your leading characters?

The chemistry between my characters can be felt off the pages. Capture desires Temperance because she is mouthy and nothing like any other sub he has had, yet even the reader can feel he has more than just a desire to be with her, he truly cares about her and wants to help her. Temperance may resist Capture at every turn, but the reader can also feel her struggle to resist him. They weren’t meant for each other, yet they are perfect for each other and that doesn’t just brew chemistry, it creates love. 

Do you plan on writing more about Temperance and Capture?

I hadn’t originally planned on it, but readers have been very persistent in convincing me their story isn’t over. As a thank you to every loyal fan who has fallen in love with Capture and Temperance, I plan to write their wedding in the future.

Just a little teaser to their wedding, you know no wedding will be conventional when the wedding takes place in a BDSM club *wink, wink*. 

You should feel thrilled over the rave reviews this book has received since its release. Congratulations on your success!

Thank you so much! I love the reviews for this book so much, I had to put a couple of them on the back of the book. They truly make my heart smile and make me happy I didn’t run and hide after I hit publish. 

Moving on, let’s talk a little bit about your latest release, a short story titled, Braxton – A Scrooged Christmas. Hot cover by the way! Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Braxton is very different from what I usually write. Most of the time when I write a book, I have one big goal aside from hooking the reader to the storyline. That goal is to arouse the reader. My stories have been labeled a “two finger, one hand read” and “porn on paper”, but my goal with Braxton was to make the reader cry. I hadn’t planned on putting a sex scene in this book, but somehow it snuck its way in there. The story is so emotionally charged that not everyone was happy about the bedroom scene, but I had no control over what happened. It was all my character’s plan.

It is titled Braxton, but Braxton isn’t the only main character in this book. When you’ve found your one true love, life moves fast and ends even quicker. What do you do when your soulmate is gone? How do you live to take another breath without them by your side? Braxton isn’t a good man, but the Christmas ghost can show him that putting himself in someone else’s shoes, more literally than figuratively, can give you a happy ending. 

Any other works in progress?

I have multiple stories in the works, including a third story for Lena’s Security, a part two to Cumming With Amy, as well as a FemDom story, but I’ve primarily been focusing on finishing the third book to my Vampires Ange De La Mort series. I’m so flipping excited to finish this third installment, I wish I could type faster! There is so much happening in the third book I may have to split the book into a part one and two. With everything happening in this book, I’m hoping to make the readers jaw drop more than a few times 🙂

Any advice for aspiring authors?

I have tons of advice, but the biggest piece I can give is to write at least three novels before publishing your first one. It’s extremely exciting to hit that publish button for the first time, but I haven’t talked to a single author who hasn’t told me they wouldn’t like to rewrite their first book, or wish they wouldn’t have published it. Especially when they compare it to other works they’ve published. This includes myself. I’ve wanted to rewrite the first book in my vampire series for a really long time, but my loyal fans would have my hands if I touched that book. They like seeing the progress I’ve made as a writer. The book may not be perfect, but it’s the book that jump-started my career. I suggest doing this not only because you’ll see how much you’ve grown as a writer by the third book, but also for anyone looking to write a series. I personally wish I had the first three books to my series written and was working on the fourth one before publishing the first so my readers wouldn’t have to wait as long for each book to be released. If I didn’t work a full time job during the day, I believe I would have less than a year apart from each publication. A lot of writers don’t have the pleasure of writing full time and have to work a day job, I suggest always keeping this in mind: book lovers are super-fast readers!

Final words?

Thank you so much for interviewing me! You’ve asked some wonderful questions!!

I also want to say thank you to all of my fans and supporters! You are the reason I continue to write!! Thank you everyone who has taken the time to leave me a review! It means the world to me!! Lastly, thank you for downloading my books! You rock my little author world!!


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