Good morning, Brenda and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Please grab a seat in our cozy recliner, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, with some chewy chocolate chip cookies or brownies. The readers are very eager to learn more about romantic suspense author, Brenda Whiteside.

 First allow me to say, when I went to your website, it just pulled me into the picture. It is easy to navigate as well. I enjoyed learning things about you and your writings.

 Brenda, it is good to have you with us. From your Bio, you are a very active woman. Can you let our readers know how your day starts once the alarm goes off?

My alarm is the sun. I love that kind of wake-up call. Several years ago, the day job went away when the company I worked for declared bankruptcy. Now, I write fulltime and devote more hours to the family. When that sun hits my eyelids, I do my stretches before my feet hit the floor. Then I head to the kitchen to make a cup of my special latte which is a blend of coconut oil, honey, cream, cinnamon and coffee strong enough to grow hair on your chest. I do a quick check of email to make sure there’s nothing that needs immediate attention, and I move on to my current manuscript. Occasionally, I’m involved in a promotion which will get my attention. Oh, and I have another cup or two of coffee.

The readers are anxiously waiting to hear about book five in your series, The Power of Love and Murder. Can you please tell us a little more about Penny and Jake, and their story? 

Penny had a walk-on part in book one, The Art of Love and Murder, where she picked up a nick-name, Black Fairy. She was a young Goth lady who worked at a purportedly haunted hotel. Little did we know that her past was what haunted her. A murderous FBI Agent and a dishonest politician do the haunting. 

Jake is a few years older than Penny. He’s a rehabbing rock star who’s trying to find a new niche in life. He met her years ago in one of his drugged-up nights…not his shining moment.

Do you enjoy writing a series, more than just a single book? 

I can’t say I have a preference. My series books can stand on their own. Each book is a complete story, but you’ll see settings and characters from the other books.

What made you choose this genre? 

It’s what I like to read.

Does it take you very long working on a story? 

If I could spend six to eight hours a day writing, then I’d say no. Fortunately, I have a family who gets in my way.

Do you have other works in progress that you are working on? 

I think I’m finished with book five, the final book in this series. The Deep Well of Love and Murder is in production, and I should receive the final galley before long. Here’s hoping no mistakes are found. Meanwhile, I’ve started on my next series. I don’t have titles or a title series yet, so I’m calling it the Joshua series because all of the books will take place in my fictional town of Joshua, Arizona.

Brenda, in your spare time, what do you do for relaxation, when you are not traveling? 

I read, but I have to tell you, writing is relaxing for me, too. I also enjoy long walks.

How would you describe your workplace? 

It’s everywhere! I don’t have a set spot, but I do spend a lot of time propped up on pillows on my bed with my laptop.

When composing your stories, do you start with an outline, or rather, work on the beginning, middle or end first?  

I don’t do a formal outline. I have a file called Free Form Plot Notes. I have another file called Those Events In Your Plot That Are Critical. I also do Character Studies. Between the three files, my story unfolds.

If you could spend a week-long vacation, where would your ideal fantasy destination place take you? 

I could do either the Alps or the Rockies in a fully stocked cabin with a couple of streams within walking distance. 

What is your all-time favorite food you could eat over and over again? 

Almost anything off a Mexican food menu. 

Growing up, what did you like to read, and who was your favorable author?

I don’t remember having a favorite author. I got into Hemingway quite young and enjoyed several of his works. I also remember a few books that impacted me: The Group, A Clockwork Orange, Catcher in the Rye, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. 

Do you have a pet peeve? 

Eekk! Slurping hot drinks, asking me a question to which you know the answer, and racial slurs to name a few. 

Of all the appliances and electrical gadgets that have been invented, which one do you love the most? 

My Keurig coffee maker! 

Is there anything that you would like to share with your readers? 

Yes! Whether it’s my books or another author’s, please take the time to leave a review. We write for you, for your entertainment. Reviews are so important to an author’s career. Help that author out by leaving a review to insure she or he can continue producing the books you crave.

Thank you, Brenda for being with us today. We hope to see lots more of your stories in the future. And enjoy more travels in your RV. 

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