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We have all seen a book that ‘looks’ great, but is it as good as the promotion that you just read?

  • 5 Cups  Ultra Rare Extraordinary Read. Not many books will be rated a 5. It is a superior work!
  • 4 Cups – Outstanding Great Read. It is not excellent, but it is certainly worth reading. You’ll enjoy this book very much. This book should be at the top of your list.
  • 3 Cups – A Good Read. This is a good to read book. It is the sort of book that you enjoy while you are reading it. When compared to others it is good but not amazing.
  • 2 Cups – The book has several problems. If a book receives a two cup rating, then the reviewer did not like it. You ask why? Maybe the book was so confusing with the characters, the reviewer could not keep up; or the plot did not make sense; or the book was long and drawn out.
  • 1 Cup – The book very poor read. Reading this book is a waste of your time.

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Crimson Kiss by Jodie Angell

Crimson Kiss by Jodie Angell

The Ancient Spells Trilogy Book 1:  Crimson Kiss CRIMSON KISS JODIE ANGELL ISBN 9787957228822 October 2021 Champagne Book Group www.champagnebooks.com $3.99/$14.99 Ebook/Print 228 PAGES Epic Fantasy Rating: 4 Cups Felix, a strong man, soldier, and guard with honor and...

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