Allison, writing as Amber Renard, is a wife, mother to two little girls, equestrian, gardener, and of course author. I was an avid reader long before my writing career began in the second grade. My mom soon found the only way to adequately discipline me on the rare (ha!) occurrence I misbehaved was to take away my books. It was an awful and effective punishment and I’ve been devouring any genre of book that catches my eye since. My day job is at a pharmaceutical company on the manufacturing floor, and nights are spent writing or with the family. As for writing projects, I love Urban Fantasy, sci-fi, specifically of the dystopian bent, and now Paranormal romance.

Ms. Renard is an amazing writer who is very talented with the paranormal world. I read every page straight through, and wanted to read it all over again and immediately looked for the next book. The characters are skillfully created to be both authentic to the paranormal world, but unique to the world Amber sets them in because every character is individual and plays a role in the story. The storyline is solid and the pace of the story is perfect and will leave the reader in a quandary as to where it would be best to take a break. I caution you to make time before you sit down to read Moonsworn or be prepared to have to have someone pry the book out of your hands because you will never want to put it down.

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