I live in southern Georgia and like to stay to myself most of the time. I love quiet time. I have three wonderful, loving daughters, Marvetta, Suzanne, and Lisa Renee’ who give me much support and love. We share a bond that is full of love and respect for each other. After losing my hubby on May 26, 2005, so many things have changed in my life, and learning to accept some things hasn’t always been an easy task. On October 18, 2006, we had a shock when Lisa Renee’ son, Dylan, was diagnosed as a diabetic. It was a day that we will never forget and one that really brought us even closer as a family. To me family is important and learning to understand the importance of family in one’s life makes a world of difference.

A Family for Life is an amazing story with love on every page. I was awed by the level of talent which birthed such a poignant and relevant love story. I found the struggle for love to be on a higher level of emotion; so many romances skim the surface of the true strength it takes to take a leap of faith when there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Josh is a hero like no other; not once did he give up when many men had walked away. He loves with his whole heart, soul, and body. My only warning is to make sure you have a box of tissues because even the hardest heart will find it difficult to get through every page with out shedding a tear or two. I highly recommend A Family for Life for anyone looking for a deeper emotion in their romance reading because this story takes love and romance to the next level.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Linda Lattimer, Author

A Family for Life by Linda L. Lattimer

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