Duffy Madison Mysteries

Book 1: Written Off
Book 2: Edited Out

Duffy Madison Mysteries, Book 1
ISBN #: 9781335506641
July 2018
Worldwide Mystery
Mass Market Paperback
316 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rachel Goldman is a moderately successful author of mysteries. She lives alone in a small house in New Jersey and has just finished her latest Duffy Madison novel.

Duffy Madison is a consultant with the Bergen County DA’s Office. His past is a bit of a mystery.

Rachel Goldman is celebrating the completion of her latest Duffy Madison mystery when a man claiming to be Duffy calls her and asks for her help with a case. Rachel is both confused and intrigued and refuses his request until he shows up at her book signing and tells her the victim of the kidnapping is a fellow writer and friend. Despite her doubts about his identity, she has to help find her friend and avoid becoming the next victim.

This novel has a really unique concept; the hero of a series of books coming to life and solving crimes just like his fictional counterpart. Rachel’s disbelief is understandable and genuine, but Duffy and his investigative skills win her over, even as she tries to find out Duffy’s real identity. In essence, there are two mysteries here, and they are equally intriguing. It has been quite a while since a mystery has intrigued me to this degree. The author solves one mystery, but leaves us on a cliffhanger as to the second.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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