ISBN: 9780369500212
August 2019
Evernight Publishing
112 Pages
Erotic, Paranormal Romance

Malia Prince is on a mission and she is determined to rid the of every feral.  When she arrives in the next town she has been assigned to clean house in, her world will be redefined and nothing will be the same.  She thought she knew the truth but it will take one man to lead her to her fall.

Jason is the alpha if his band of wolves and they are always watching their back.  Malia steps into town she shows she is no push over and he is sure she is more to him than a random woman in a bar.

Malia and Jason are on a collision course and neither is aware of it.  Malia is on a mission to right a wrong done to her family long ago and Jason has no idea her plans may lead to his downfall.  Can love truly overcome all or will the collision leave nothing left in its wake?

Wolf Creek is a suspenseful paranormal romance.  The reader can see the train wreck in the making but can do nothing more than hang on for the ride.  The writing is solid and provides an entertaining read for paranormal fans.  I enjoyed the story of Malia and Jason but the best one is Malia because she is no push over woman and will stand and fight when needed.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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