Warriors of the Heart Series

Book 1: Home Field

Book 2: True Horizon

Book 3: Know You By Heart

Book 4: Winner Takes All

Laurie Winter
ISBN:  Digital 978-1-5092-2409-8
Print 978-1-5092-2408-1
Published:  January 2019
The Wild Rose Press
Digital and Print
Digital $4.99; paperback $17.99
304 Pages
Sweet contemporary romance
Rating: 3 cups

In her small Texas home town, psychiatrist Colleen works as much as she can with veterans suffering from PTSD and service induced issues. Her dream goal is to open a retreat and clinic where she can help many more. Her well-to-do father could fund it, but then he would demand total control. Colleen has had more than enough of his high handed ways. Now she needs some magic to come up with a million or so to manifest her dream.

Storm grew up in the same town, always a misfit since he lived with his eccentric mother in a nearby commune, and was poor and bullied. As small children he and Colleen were friends, but that eventually derailed leaving him with painfully bitter memories. Back from California, he hopes to develop an organic farm and make a secure home for his small daughter. But he has always lived on the edge of poverty. What miracle can bring his dream to life?

They both learn of a new television reality show seeking participants and offering a million dollar prize to the scavenger hunt winner. Just before they leave to audition for this program, they discover a shared desire to purchase the same sweet patch of land just out of town for their projects. Against all odds, they are both chosen for the show, in which there can only be one top winner…

In this entertaining, feel-good read, the main characters were both very sympathetic and appealing. Their goals were worthy and sincere. Their unhappy past haunts them despite a stubborn attraction that will not disappear, creating a strong conflict. It felt just a bit too perfect when they both ended up contestants on the show, eyes on the big prize. I found myself rooting for them both but also a bit short of fully believing the situation. Otherwise Winner Takes All is a sweet and enjoyable tale full of small town ambiance.

It is a stand alone book though part of an ongoing series linked by related characters resident in the town.

Gaye Morgan-Walton “AZGaye”
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More

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