ISBN: 9780369502278
September 2020
Evernight Publishing
Erotic, Dark
Rating: 4 Cups

Leah runs to rescue her brother once again and he uses her as collateral in a poker game. The nasty men who win her have made her fate clear to her. Just when she believes her future is limited and likely to be hell, in walks her savior.

Knox is the man everyone knows and fears, and he likes it. When he walks in on a low-level poker game, he finds his queen and he takes her for his own. Little does he know Leah is unlike any woman he has ever known and he fears she will be able to tame the beast.

Leah is looking at doom and gloom until Knox walks in. She begins to wonder if he is the devil like everyone says, or a savior determined to give her a life she could never imagine. Will she become his captive, or his queen?

Ms. Sloane is a talented writer who brings a flawed man into the light and challenges her readers to see beyond appearances. Sometimes it is those perceived to be the worst who protect those who need it the most. The world of Knox and Leah is easy to fall into and the reader is compelled to hang on until the last word. Ms. Sloane tells a darker story where there are monsters, but some are easier to identify than others and it is up to the reader to decide who is the worst of two evils.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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