Krewe of Hunters Series

Book 1: Phantom Evil
Book 2: Heart of Evil
Book 3: Sacred Evil
Book 4: The Evil Inside
Book 5: The Unseen
Book 6: The Unholy
Book 7: The Unspoken
Book 8: The Uninvited
Book 9: The Night is Watching
Book 10: The Night is Alive
Book 11: The Night is Forever
Book 11.5: Crimson Twilight
Book 12: The Cursed
Book 13: The Hexed
Book 14: The Betrayed
Book 14.5: When Irish Eyes are Haunting
Book 15: The Silenced
Book 16: The Forgotten
Book 17: The Hidden
Book 17.5: All Hallows Eve
Book 18: Haunted Destiny
Book 19: Deadly Fate
Book 20: Darkest Journey
Book 21: Dying Breath
Book 22: Dark Rites
Book 23: Wicked Deeds
Book 23.5: Hallowed be the Haunt
Book 24: Fade to Black
Book 25: Pale as Death
Book 26: Echoes of Evil

Krewe of Hunters, Book 23
ISBN# 9780778330363
September 2017
Mass Market Paperback
378 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Vickie Preston is a well known historian and future FBI agent. She also sees dead people.

Griffin Pryce is a Special Agent with the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters. He also has the ability to see the dead, as do many of the Krewe.

Vickie and Griffin are spending a few days in Baltimore before going home to Virginia for Vickie to start at the FBI Academy. A famous author is killed in a Poe themed restaurant and the paranormal unit of the FBI are invited to assist in the investigation. Since Griffin is on the scene, he and Vickie step in. More bizarre murders with connections to the works of Edgar Allan Poe bring in more members of the Krewe, and assistance in the unlikely form of the ghost of the great man himself.

I am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, so this novel caught me in the first few pages and never let me go. This series keeps getting better, Ms. Graham manages to maintain the readers interest in this series after more than twenty books. In this story, she brings back two characters from a previous novel. Fresh from a difficult case, the couple looks forward to a romantic weekend in an historic city, but are sucked into a mystery featuring one of its most famous former residents. This is a page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the surprise ending.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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