Holiday at the Graff

Book 1: Halloween at the Graff
Book 2: Christmas at the Graff
Book 3: New Year’s at the Graff
Book 4: Valentine’s at the Graff
Book 5:  Wedding at the Graff

Holiday at the Graff, Book 5
ISBN: 9781948342537
March 2018
Tule Publish Group
299 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Collie Flanigan managed to escape marriage to a man she could never be happy with, but she is determined to keep the ring. She moves away and hopes her ex-fiancé will leave her and her family heirloom alone. When the one man she can barely resist shows up, she is torn between her secret love for Michael and a promise made to her loving grandmother.

Michael Donovan was once Collie’s friend, but circumstances drove them apart. Now he has been sent to retrieve the ring his employer says rightfully belongs to him. Can he convince the woman he loves to take a chance on him?

It started with an old family feud which entangled Collie and Michael. Collie is determined the man she loves will feel no pain, but Michael has other plans. When their two grandmothers involve themselves the whole game changes and no one will know who the winner is.

Wedding at the Graff is a wonderful love story. In the beginning the reader will wonder how these two could come to an understanding. One needs the ring to save his job and the other needs it to make a grandmother happy. The writing of Ms. Watt is beautiful and enables the story to flow from present to past and back again. The transition is necessary to enable the reader to understand how difficult it would be for either to give up.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More

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