ISBN#: 9781773398235
October 2018
Evernight Publishing
162 Pages
Paranormal, Suspense, Gay, Erotic
Rating: 5 Cups

Brett Gardner is an inverted mage which he has always been taught means that he is of no use to anyone in the world of mages. His family taught him that the only people he can trust are his family. He has been isolated his entire life, so much so that he gets mixed up with the worst sort of boyfriend possible, one who is very abusive. Fortunately, he is smart enough finally to run.

Lane Hunter is a mage and has everything that Brett has never had, a loving family, a supportive town, friends, confidence in himself and more. He is everything Brett is not.

When Brett runs, he runs far, all the way to the other side of the country in fact. He buys a house and tries to settle in. But every little sound in his new house sends his pulse racing with the fear that Morgan, his abusive ex is going to somehow find him. He has no idea why Lane is interested in him, but he takes a chance and they begin dating. Lane is everything Morgan is not, gentle, loving, and fun. But when a friend of Lane’s brother Corey is killed in a hit and run accident, Brett begins to become afraid that his past has followed him to his new town. Despite his fears, he keeps everything to himself until the absolute worst happens and his ex arrives, then he has no choice but to trust the man he is coming to love, and the town that is starting to feel like home. Will they be able to stop Morgan or will Brett have to run again?

Upon the River Shore is a wonderful story that I enjoyed reading very much. This story is very well written and kept me on the edge of my seat late into the night, madly turning pages to see what was going to happen next. If you love romantic suspense stories mixed with your erotic romance then I highly recommend Upon the River Shore! I for one will be checking out Ms. Bentley’s other books!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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