Spirit Voices Series

  • Book 1: Troubled Spirits

Spirit Voices:  Book 1
ISBN# 978-1-5092-1448-8
May 2017
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
e-book / hardcover
Price: $4.99/ $15.99
296 Pages
Fantasy/PNR – Ghosts Psychics
Rating:  4 Cups

Jody has the gift of being a medium. Some days are better than others. A little girl, Fiona, comes to her and heightens Jody’s abilities to the next level. With the help of her friends Nathan who is a PI, Terry an artist, and her new friend Jared, she might be able to help the four year old.

Jody grows in her abilities and her personality as the story grows. We see her more confident and rely more on Jared than she has before in relationships. Jared’s mind opens with each moment he spends with Jody.  It is rare for this type of acceptance.

Jody is someone I can see spending time with not for her abilities, but for her mind. The love for animals and people comes through so brilliantly. You cannot help but want to be a part of her surroundings and group. Amazing how a person’s abilities can affect more than one person rather good or bad.

Taken into the pages of Trouble Spirits, Jody and Jared come to life like no other book. The characters both have flaws that anyone can relate to. Jared shows the love he has for Jody and her ability to help ghosts.  She shows how hard it is to let anyone in to her life. The pages seem to turn themselves as a person is sucked in with wonderful characters.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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