The Coldwater Pack Book 1
ISBN #: 978-1-77233-315-5
June 2017
Evernight Publishing
58 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating:  4 Cups

Tessa is introverted and just wants to be left alone.  Her job as a cleaner in a nightclub is perfect for her.  Her only contact with others is through a walkie talkie.

Henri is a wolf shifter and Alpha for the Coldwater Pack.  He lives to keep his family safe, but Tessa is also under his protection.

Tessa feels safe in her job as a cleaner for a nightclub, despite its remote location.  Henri and his security team are only a radio call away.  Even that was too far the night a man who was not all human breaks into the club to rob it.  He attacks Tessa and she has to deal with a whole new reality, and the Alpha who is destined to be her mate.

Tessa is an unusual heroine.  Socially awkward in the extreme, she is an unlikely mate to Henri’s Alpha wolf, but rises to the challenge and her new life.  Henri is a strong Alpha who at first reading is likely to be protective of Tessa but unlikely to be her soulmate.  Tessa proves to be unexpectedly strong and overcomes her issues to embrace her new life.  This is a good introduction to a new series.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

The Coldwater Pack

Book 1: The Vixen and the Wolf

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