The Roswell Affair
ISBN# 9781488089251
November 2017
Carina Press
138 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Katharine Leigh Parker is a nurse and a scientist in a time when women are not respected as scientists. It’s 1947 and the military base Katharine works at has just captured an alien.

Breccon Tallel is the alien in question and has found himself captured and chained to a table. But he is on Earth for a reason and is on a last ditch mission to save his people.

When the military orders Katharine to interrogate the alien they’ve captured, she has no idea initially what she is in for. When they do take her to the alien, instead of allowing her to do her job of trying to communicate with him, the military men in question begin taking potshots with their tranquilizer guns. Katharine tries to stop them but finds that she cannot until she throws her body on the captive’s to protect him. Up close the attraction to the blue man with the beautiful but strange tattoos is strong, but she knows she should not act on it. Once the others leave and she begins, she realizes she has a real problem on her hands, neither knows the other’s language. Can they find a way to communicate and if they do will the bond they have built with their bodies translate to their hearts and minds?

I really enjoyed The Roswell Affair by Anne Bordeaux very much! The love scenes are scorching and the world building is awesome! I loved the way that Katharine decided to “communicate” with Breccon, and the way the author solved the communication issue is creative. If you love science fiction romance, then I highly recommend The Roswell Affair. I for one am looking forward to the sequel His Human Bride coming out on February 26th!

Reviewer at Coffee Time Romance & More

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